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Im writing today to tell people about a game that I have loved for the past 10 years, The Final Challenge. TFC (as we refer to it as) first went online in March of 1994 and has been online ever since. I have played several MUDs and developed several others (as of yet, I have not worked on TFC). Nothing has ever felt quite as like Home than TFC, and many people feel the same way. TFC has a dedicated staff, and perhaps even more dedicated players who have been there through out the years. Sadly, with the decline of MUDs some have gone away and fewer new faces come in. Ive played all of the top ten MUDs and in all honesty Ive always found them to be very pretentious and frankly, they are crap. They lack heart and true innovation, both of which TFC has an abundance of.

At a first glance the game may appear to be nothing special, but given an opportunity it still has the power to hook you after all of these years. The amount of features in a list format would extend almost forever it seems. Were talking about a stable (never crashes), huge (over 25,000 rooms), very developed MUD here that has everything to love about it. Equipment stats and players base stats work unlike any other MUD Ive ever seen and is quite ingenious essentially making it so that players must find well balanced random equipment as opposed to other MUDs where one will stack on damroll equipment or saves and be about his merry way. TFC has far more strategy involved. And yes, I did say random items 100% completely random generated and randomly spawned all over the Realm.

Players have the ability to select up to three classes, one casting, one fighting and one thief based class. Levels are 1 through 30. This is not one of the MUDs where you will make max level in a few hours, it can take several months and even years for some people. The name The Final Challenge is no joke, but in lieu of the difficulty you may feel at first; you will quickly discover how worthwhile it is and how good it can feel to accomplish things.

There are several automated questing systems.

The mobmaster system will randomly select a target for you based off of the number of quests youve completed getting progressively harder. You will have only a certain number of ticks to kill your target, which also goes down as you progress. You get no hints; though players will always help if they can and should you find it you will be rewarded well. Experience point bonuses are progressive but around your twentieth mobmaster you will earn around 500 experience points, which is not too shabby at all. In the sixties it will be almost two thousand for killing one target.

The mobhunt quest is a group quest where players will sign up and put gold into the pot in the beginning. A list of mob targets will be generated and you are in a race to kill them to get points to move on to the next round. After the third round the person with the most points wins the prize all the gold collected for the quest.

There are location quests, which give you a tidbit of a room description and you must find that room. It costs experience points to play but as you progress youll earn more and more experience for finding the proper room.

There are Arch-Mage Mob quests, which feature difficult mage mobs that high level players will attempt to kill to kill. They typically pop with a powerful magical item, an abundance of gold, and are a great source of experience points should you survive.

Not to mention God ran quests as well, which are always a blast.

Player killing is allowed here but a system of checks and balances has been placed to ensure that matches are fairly well balanced to prevent big players from preying on smaller ones. Players who meet their demise will lose everything to their killer, so a sense of danger will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Immortal ran followings are a centerpiece of the game. Players may worship gods played by real humans and join followings, which is how one gets their alignment. Followings in a sense are your typical guild or clan, except several differences. A god may choose to ordain a mortal who worships them which will grant them a class that cannot be selected. They can hold items from their followers to redistribute amongst their following as they see fit. They can also cast protective spells on their followers.

I cannot begin to fully describe TFC to do it the justice it deserves, but I can say if you do come and give it an honest go you will be hooked, and that isnt a bad thing. You will be amongst good company.


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- Lycron
The Final Challenge