04 Jan, 2010, Orrin wrote in the 1st comment:
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We'd like to wish you a very Happy New Year and let you know that Maiden Desmodus is moving
out of beta to a full release this month. To celebrate we're organising a special event in
game to take place on Friday 8th January at 4pm PST - 7pm EST - Midnight GMT. As well
as the event there will also be contests and prizes throughout the evening.

You can play from our custom web client or point your existing client to maidendesmodus.com port 4000.

Some of the new features that have been implemented during beta testing include:

* Warfare system where you can command troops and battle for control of the Isle.
* Private estates and inn rooms.
* Market system for player owned shops.
* Repeatable and one-off quests.
* Player cabals with fully customisable membership, rank and permission systems.
* Rumour system where NPCs will talk about your character.
* Character histories.
* Hirelings to accompany you on your adventures.
* Crafting system with forging, goldsmithing, tailoring and carpentry, as well as custom designs.
* Many new areas, NPCs, items, quests and tasks.

We hope to see you soon!
04 Jan, 2010, David Haley wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Congrats on the release, Orrin. Sounds pretty cool!