31 Dec, 2009, Nas_0_Nas wrote in the 1st comment:
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port: 23 -OR- port: 4444 (rp only, opens Jan 01, 2010)

Port 23 is an ooc hack-n-slash version of DL2 (Distant Lands 2)

The mud has 299 levels, over 130 unique zones to explore. There are 21 different races and 14 classes you may select from to either run around hacking and slashing your way to the top or roleplaying with some of the best around. Meet and play with people from around the world.
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31 Dec, 2009, Lyanic wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Nas 0 Nas said:
The mud has 299 levels

Why 299? Why not a nice round number like 300?
31 Dec, 2009, Hanaisse wrote in the 3rd comment:
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There is 300 levels, but very few have achieved top level.

This was interesting to find an advertisement for my old stomping grounds. I played DL for 6-7 years before moving on. Allow me promote a little more about it.

Distant Lands is a fully established CircleMUD running since 1994. It has both elements of hack-and-slash as well as strict (in the sense of rules) role-playing and is continually evolving.

Role-players are encouraged to deeply immerse themselves in their characters by developing background stories, determining motivations for their actions and even have fun with quirky traits. They can occupy themselves with fun quests/tasks in an extensive automated system if no one else is around to rp with.

It used to be you could choose when you want to role-play and for how long. A timer showed you when you were in char or out. Segmentation code allowed those who are role-playing to not hear and/or see what non-role-players are doing or saying and vice-versa, however now it seems the role-playing is being split into a new exclusive port (see first post).

DL offers an account system of up to 10 chars (but no multi-playing), a player-driven clan/guild system, item consignment, mounted combat, flying mounts, player arenas and home owning. It even offers it's own exclusive client for easier play.

Oh, and did I mention the Moon, Wild, Golden and Drow elves?