29 Dec, 2009, Max7288 wrote in the 1st comment:
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So before i was running a version of Dragonball: Ressurection of Truth while working on a mass update to the code using Tbamud 3.57 as a base, After about a Year or so, Me and another coder Finally finished to the point where we believe its safe to start building Area's. So this is where this post comes into play.

Here are some Requirements that you will need to build on our mud:
1. Must have Knowledge of the DB/DBZ/GT Anime and Movies ( This is due to the fact that I will want people to build area's from the Anime Itself )
2. Must have Building experience (We are not TBA)
3. Must be able to be online atleast a couple hours a day to help Monitor players and keep a steady building habit.

Okay so im also a Immortal on TBA Mud so if you complete the tutorial at the mud and present me with a Vnum or have me meet you on TBA that will count as Building Experience!

IF you don't know what TBA mud is here is the link to their Application http://tbamud.com/BuilderApplication
Go there and fill out the Form to become a builder then log on the mud and wait for one of the admins to Pass your Application. You can connect to the mud using this. Tbamud.com Port 9091

If you've had experience building on DBT muds or any other Dbz mud Or completed your zone on TBA mud and you wish to help us grow our world. Please Email me at Edgurpod@hotmail.com