11 Dec, 2009, Lyanic wrote in the 1st comment:
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The 7th Plane has been in active development for 8 years, and is unlike any other MUD you have ever played - guaranteed. It is a hack-and-slash style game, set in an entirely original world with its own mythology and lore. Lately, though, our numbers have dwindled to a couple dozen regular players. So, if you enjoy a challenging game, played with friendly people, then we would love to have you join us. If that's not enough to convince you, then here are some of the game's more prominent features:

- 4 unique classes, each with drastically different styles of progression and game play
- Highly walkable world, with spatially realistic layout and ASCII maps available
- Complex NPCs with interesting behavioral routines
- Skills and spells that improve through usage, where nearly every action improves your character in some way
- In-depth crafting system with 90 different raw materials
- Ability to fully dissect victims, dead or alive
- Options to gain experience points for activities other than killing NPCs
- Physics based game mechanics and dynamic weather
- Playable mini-games with members of other MUDs
- Steep learning curve that weeds out griefers
- No characters ever deleted
- 99.999% up-time

If you're worried about the game being too difficult, don't. The help entries are decent and someone is usually around to answer any questions. Consider this an invitation to try out a unique game, and maybe become a part of our community. Hopefully, there will be some new names populating the 'who' list soon!

Connection info: 7thplane.ath.cx 8888
19 Dec, 2009, Lyanic wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I decided to bump this for the weekend, because there have been a lot of Mudbytes users on The 7th Plane in the last week.

I would just like to point out two caveats:
1) The 7th Plane is Godwars derived, but it is not Godwars. I can not stress that point enough. I get people logging in AT LEAST weekly (if not daily) who practically accuse me of false advertising for listing the game under Diku/Merc/Godwars. Hopefully, most people understand that I have to do that for license/policy reasons.

2) The numbers in the game are fairly small. Do not be surprised if you login and receive 1-3 experience points at a time.