17 Jul, 2006, Tacitus wrote in the 1st comment:
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LPUniversity Foundation made the 6th release today of the LPUniversity Mudlib, version A-0607-R6. This release includes several new features that help bring the LPUniversity Mudlib up to speed and that have been widely requested. LPUniversity Mudlib team would like to thank all those who have assisted in the development and debugging of this release and a special big thanks goes to Parthenon and Daos.

Major items of interest in this release include support for NPCs, soul daemon, better documentation, new "access" command to manage security, improved command parsing, several important bug fixs, and much much more.

During this release cycle, the project has also made growths in other areas. Specifically, the LPUniversity Mudlib does has a few dedicated developers and the effects of this growth will certainly be felt in the next release. Furthmore, the entire LPUniversty project has exploded with activity. Make sure to check out our website at http://lpuni.org

You can download this new release at http://sourceforge.net/projects/lpuni
For more information of LPUniversity Mudlib and the LPUniversity Foundation, please visit http://lpuni.org

Note: The windows release has been delayed and is not yet available. See http://sourceforge.net/projects/lpuni for updates.

To submit bug reports, support requests, feature requests, or patches then please visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/lpuni and use the trackers available there.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, bug reports, feature requests, patchs, etc. then feel free to use the sourceforge.net project trackers or e-mail cody.somerville@lpuni.org

Thank you,

The LPUniversity Foundation
21 Jul, 2006, Tacitus wrote in the 2nd comment:
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There is an issue with the latest release, A-0604-R6. Unfortunatly, there was a packaging error which caused the install script to fail. It is possible to simply unpack lpuni.tar.gz inside the downloaded tar.gz and modify the config files to do a normal, unautomated, install of the mudlib.

The package will be fixed and re-released under the same name. I will post here when this is done so that you may download the fixed package.

You should also note that there is a bug with the admin "access" command that renders it useless.

Sorry for any inconvenience,

Cody A.W. Somerville

The issue is now resolved.