07 Mar, 2014, Lyanic wrote in the 241st comment:
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Yeah, it seems to be working again.
07 Mar, 2014, Tijer wrote in the 242nd comment:
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still not working for me www.mudportal.com loads www.mudportal.com/default_site and has been doing this for me for the past day now… never seen something take so long to propogate over the internet as this…
07 Mar, 2014, Hades_Kane wrote in the 243rd comment:
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Have you tried clearing your cache and/or doing a forced reload (ctrl+F5 I believe)?
07 Mar, 2014, plamzi wrote in the 244th comment:
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Hades_Kane said:
Have you tried clearing your cache and/or doing a forced reload (ctrl+F5 I believe)?

I don't think either would help. Unfortunately, I can't think of what I can do, either. Except not do this again :)
07 Mar, 2014, Tijer wrote in the 245th comment:
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its sorted its self now… and yes i did try to clear cache :P that was the first thing i did try :) seems to have finally updated to the proper site now…
07 Mar, 2014, Tijer wrote in the 246th comment:
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and now i can actually connect its a lot faster :P
02 Apr, 2014, plamzi wrote in the 247th comment:
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Here's what I've been up to. As a result, the Mud Portal app will be gaining new modules, and the framework will support easier integration with Kongregate.

08 Jun, 2014, plamzi wrote in the 248th comment:
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I'd like to give this thread a quick bump.

I feel that any dev who cares about improving the user experience should take a serious look at the tools that mudportal.com offers. It's getting to be a very mature and solid, absolutely free, offering and I think more people (other than myself) should be doing more great things with it! The API documentation is growing, and the GitHub repo is kept up to date.

If you are considering customizing a web client but have specific concerns or reservations, don't hesitate to share them either here or on the TMP forums.

If you are a player, next time you're stuck on a computer where you don't have your favorite MUD client installed, just try your home mud through the mudportal app–I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
10 Jun, 2014, Zeno wrote in the 249th comment:
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Agreed. It's a great site. I have my setup half done, hoping to finish it up soon and roll it out to my playerbase.
24 Sep, 2014, plamzi wrote in the 250th comment:
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The MUD Portal app has just added support for MXP Frames:

    You can now create custom windows or invoke existing app modules directly from your server via MXP (by giving your frame the same name as an existing module, e. g. ChatterBox).

    You can nest windows inside other windows using the (wrongly) obsoleted "parent" attribute.

    You can redirect flowing content to an existing window, ideal for chat e. g.

    You can redraw the whole window by sending the FRAME tag again. Ideal for things like an inventory tab, character status tab, you name it.

Details yet to be documented in the API docs.

MXP specs:

Working Demo:
27 Sep, 2014, Skol wrote in the 251st comment:
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Sick work plamzi! I'll have to play with that pronto :)
28 Sep, 2014, arholly wrote in the 252nd comment:
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I love it, but why does the site load slow?

I definitely need to see how to make this all happen.
29 Sep, 2014, plamzi wrote in the 253rd comment:
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arholly said:
but why does the site load slow?

All of the site or just some of the graphically heavy app views?

I enabled page load speed tracking to monitor this better for the portal site as a whole.

As for the Aaralon / Havoc page, it is currently quite heavy resource-wise so a first-time load is probably going to take over 10 sec even on a fast desktop. And when I add some more maps… it will be time to add some kind of activity indicator.
29 Sep, 2014, arholly wrote in the 254th comment:
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For me, it is all the pages that load slow (even things like the forum index). And I'm coming from a hard-wired lan line at a university, so I've got no bandwidth problems on my end. I can repeat it across Chrome, IE, and FF.
29 Sep, 2014, Tijer wrote in the 255th comment:
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i noticed this too.. thought it was my isp… guess it wasnt… only appears to have started recently…..
16 Oct, 2014, plamzi wrote in the 256th comment:
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Tijer said:
i noticed this too.. thought it was my isp… guess it wasnt… only appears to have started recently…..

I think web server caching may have been turned off after an OS upgrade. I changed some settings and the site feels faster even for me. Can either of you try and let me know if you see a difference on your end? Thanks.
16 Oct, 2014, arholly wrote in the 257th comment:
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Seems to be fine for me now.
16 Oct, 2014, Ssolvarain wrote in the 258th comment:
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It hung for me for about 2-3 seconds on loading, and after that was smooth as glass.
02 Jun, 2015, plamzi wrote in the 259th comment:
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Today, mudconnect.com is down again, and so I wanted to take this opportunity to point out what some of you may still not know, that the MUD Portal has a solid modern forum site section with active administration.

The portal was created during a turbulent period at TMC but was never meant to be a clone. Instead, I wanted to offer this community an easy way to game socially using a cloud app. I also wanted to offer admins and devs an easier way to reach new audiences.

To find out more, head over to http://www.mudportal.com
02 Jun, 2015, Jeshin wrote in the 260th comment:
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Plamzi, it's funny we got someone posting about MudPortal over on Optional Realities today as well. Likely because TMC was down and they found their way to your website. I have to say that I am impressed by your webclient and think that such passion driven projects like yours and the codebases being developed for the next-gen of text-based games is what keeps our genre trucking along and improving even after 20 years.