Welcome to
Planets: Rise to Power

This mud is newly launched, most every bug squashed but certainly
not bug free by any means. I am opening my doors for player testing
right now but Im not against players casually role playing
and developing planets for the future of the mud. I strongly believe
in the potential behind SWR 2.0 and I hope to find others like
minded in the future. Come make this mud your place to call home
as I have and endure the hardships of killing hordes of aliens
as they attack planets, join a clan and soldier on through the
ranks killing the foul scourge that plagues each planet every so
often. Become an architect and shape the very landscape you
walk on, or a weapon smith and create better and more deadly
weapons for soldiers to mow down aliens with. Assassinate
the leader of some other clan or take on a bounty and track
them down across the galaxy gloriously severing their head
from their body. Many opportunities can arise in a world
completely player created you just have to show up and
contribute your part to the cause or simply add to the
role playing atmosphere if you feel you dont have a creative
bone in your body. In any case you are bound to have fun
whatever you decide to do!

-Dream, Planets: Rise to Power Admin.