04 Oct, 2008, Vadi wrote in the 1st comment:
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I'd like to announce a new mud client, Mudlet. It's being made from scratch, designed to be fast, easy to use, and easy to script with - while also offering some very powerful features. In short, the best of all clients without the bugginess or complexities wink.gif (and we know what we're doing, too!)

The client will also feature some really nice things not found in existing clients - like Mud Styles, advanced scripting support (linear and multi-threaded approaches, along with support for many scripting languages such as Lua, Python, Perl, Ruby), built-in app store, and other nice stuff.

More information is available here (http://mudlet.org/about/).

Beta testing

The client isn't out yet, but you're welcome to sign up for the beta test notifications here (http://mudlet.org/download/). The beta will be open - so anyone who'd like to give it a try will be welcome to.


Have an idea you'd like to see implemented in the client? Yours thoughts are welcome. Feel free to post all your stuff here: http://forums.mudlet.org/forum/fresh-ide.... We have many of our own, but new input is always useful.

Windows? Linux? Mac?

The client will definitely run natively on Windows and Linux. Macs - chances are looking good too, but no guarantees.


Zero, zilch, nada. The client is free software and open source. Really! That also means you're welcome to contribute to making it better smile.gif
Technical stuff

The client is coded in C++, using Qt 4 as the gui toolkit. Lua, Python, Perl and Ruby will be the supported scripting languages at first - and more will be added as they're needed.


We got forums over here (http://forums.mudlet.org/), feel free to post stuff.

Comments? Questions? :smile:

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13 Oct, 2008, Vadi wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Good news for Mac people: http://mudlet.org/115/mac-version-is-her...

08 Nov, 2008, Vadi wrote in the 3rd comment:
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See http://mudlet.org/134/mudlet-pre-alpha/. Beta was delayed, but a pre-alpha started - if you have good lua experience, please give this a try!

Sneak peek at what you can do: input manipulation. Heiko made this small sample script…

regex: say.*(\w+).*(\w*).*(.*)
script: sendRaw( "say " .. matches[3] .." " .. matches[1] .." ".. matches[2] )


And other interesting stuff. If you know Lua well, please join in the testing :).