25 Aug, 2008, dbaker84 wrote in the 1st comment:
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Project Nova is an original science fiction themed MUD based on the Smaug codebase. The combat and stat system have been modified from original Smaug to create a unique yet comfortable system that both new and old can quickly pick up.

Current Features Include:
* 9 original races including hive-mind race that plays radically differently from the rest
* 7 classes based around classic RPG archetypes, with 2 more to be added after opening
* New combat and armor system
* Futuristic weapon types and new types of damage
* Revamp of all original skills in addition to many new and original skills

Future Goals Include:
* Planetary/area control based around a full political system
* Dynamically generated exploration content
* Full-scale economy with the ability to produce ANY usable good
* Advanced gunsmithing system
* Mutations, both good and bad
* Permanent limb loss

We take this project very seriously and have made all efforts to ensure that this will be successful. We realize that MUDs and the community are changing, and have designed our systems around this. Whether 1, 10, or 100 people are playing, almost every system will be usable and active. Our goal is a universe that responds to player input and always gives players something to do.

Our current staff members are very talented, including a published writer and artist, an experienced mathematician/economist, and a cultural archaeologist.


Builders, writers, coders (depending on experience), and anyone else who wants to help build this universe.

* Smaug experience is a big plus, but we will teach the right people with no experience
* Areas are expected to be very tight and concise, while still being comprehensive
* With so many races and places, there is a design theme for everyone

* A firm understanding of English and its usage is expected
* Focus will be on fleshing out details of the history, races, and locales
* Will work with builders to ensure that areas are consistent to canon
* May turn into an RP administrator position once we are open to the public

* Experience is necessary; the more the better but we will help those who have some experience and show potential
* Will work on both current design goals as well as independent projects

As mentioned, anyone who is at all interested and is willing to help create this universe is encouraged to contact us.


MUD Address:
nova.arthmoor.com port 5000





I look forward to hearing from you!
26 Aug, 2008, Zenn wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Very nice looking features. Impressive. I might stop by and check it out, have a chat with you and whatnot.
20 Sep, 2008, dbaker84 wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Still looking, if anyone is interested.
20 Sep, 2008, Zeno wrote in the 4th comment:
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