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Ancient Rifts is a MUD dedicated to the old classic anime shows along with the new classic anime shows. We are currently looking for builders experienced and non-experienced. Our MUD is currently running a ROM QuickMUD. For those who do not know how to build and want to know how to build, I do teach. We are also looking for a few coders to help create our ideas like a windgate code, materia code, player owned houses, player made potions, etc.

Builders who want to help out need to have a knowledge in a certain anime show. ANY ANIME SHOW IS ACCEPTABLE!!! We do not judge on any type of anime show because we want to join the old with the new. Some anime shows that will be in this MUD are:

Yu-Yu Hashuko
Galaxy Railways
and much more.

If you would like to check it out our IP is ancientrifts.org port 9000. If no immortal is on please leave a note with your e-mail so that we can contact you. We would really appreciate it if you did since theres only two immortals right now.

Thank you for reading this post,

Kratos Owner of Ancient Rifts :biggrin: