12 Mar, 2008, David Haley wrote in the 21st comment:
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Well, what I meant is that it would be helpful to see what you actually did, not what the snippet instructions were. Do you have an estimate for how long till you can paste what you did?
12 Mar, 2008, Tailsthefox wrote in the 22nd comment:
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All I did, was look through the patch and, added in the things that the patch would have done. So basicly I read the patch file, and added in the things manualy as if it was a written snippet.
12 Mar, 2008, David Haley wrote in the 23rd comment:
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Are you talking about doing lines like:
fprintf (fp, "%s %ld ", boards[i].short_name, ch->pcdata->last_note[i]);

You should know though that it will be very hard, if not impossible, to debug this problem without seeing what you actually did. The code I just pasted from the snippet looks right… I don't know what lines you are referring to. The line numbers don't match up with board.c in the snippet (we are talking about this one, right?) so I can't verify that way either.

I'm just not sure how to help you without seeing what exactly you did… :thinking:

I mean, I can tell you what the warning means. It means that you have more format arguments than you have format specifiers. E.g.,

printf("%d %d", 1, 2, 3);

there are two specifiers, but three arguments to format.
12 Mar, 2008, Tailsthefox wrote in the 24th comment:
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The fact that they don't match is weird since, the board.c came straight out of the snippet packet. I never even touched it yet, because I didn't understand what it ment.
12 Mar, 2008, David Haley wrote in the 25th comment:
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So you are saying that you took board.c from the snippet archive, and just dumped it into your directory without a single change, and are getting those warnings?

Well, like I said… Do you have an estimate for how long till you can paste what you did? That'll make this a lot easier, and perhaps upgrade from a wild goose chase to a feasible problem. :wink:
12 Mar, 2008, Tailsthefox wrote in the 26th comment:
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Well, I don't think I will be able to paste, since I am working on the codebase on my home computer with no internet access, basicly I did what the patch would have done, if it actually worked for smaugfuss, but instead of going through and added from lines, I went through the correct codes and added the changed, By using my dbna2 code as a base where things should go. Also yes I just dumped it into the directory with out a single change.
12 Mar, 2008, David Haley wrote in the 27th comment:
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I don't understand how you added it without any changes, and yet applied the changes in the patch file. Either you changed it, or you didn't. :tongue:

Even typing in one example line by hand would be good… I mean, you had a way to get the warning from your computer to the internet, right? :wink:
12 Mar, 2008, Tailsthefox wrote in the 28th comment:
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No, No I added the changes throughout the other code, I didn't touch board.c
12 Mar, 2008, Tailsthefox wrote in the 29th comment:
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The only thing that is giving warnings is board.c The rest of the steps to add it into the mud, Give no warning at all.
12 Mar, 2008, David Haley wrote in the 30th comment:
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If you didn't touch board.c, then it doesn't make any sense that the line numbers wouldn't match up…

I think I'm going to just wait for a report on the actual lines you have that give errors. I'm all guessed out at this point. :wink:
12 Mar, 2008, Tailsthefox wrote in the 31st comment:
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Well Okay, I figured out what was wrong, The bug channel formate in the code is in a different format, I switched it over and it compiled, But now I have a problen with boards.c and board.c it seems the free_note things crossed, When I looked there was no mention in boards.c about free_note
14 Mar, 2008, Davion wrote in the 32nd comment:
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Well, as you've probably noticed this thread has died on ya Tails! The reason is it's really hard to help you with programming problems when we don't have the details. I'm not sure what "it seems the free_note things crossed" means exactly. I understand you lack the internet at home, and work makes things impossible to download, so you must come up with other solutions! First, we need direct c/p's of the compiling errors (the reason I say direct, is because sometimes typo's sneak in while pounding it out) and post them here, along with the offending lines of code. Does your work allow you to bring writable media with you (usb sticks, SD Cards, dvd's, cd's, etc) and plug them in? If so, just c/p to a text file, write to media bring to work and c/p. I'm afraid without this information we cannot help you to well. Most people on this site can't read minds.