17 Feb, 2008, Hades_Kane wrote in the 21st comment:
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One consideration (and one I didn't think of for my game until just now) might be to code it so that random battles yield less exp and less money than the reset mobs. I think that might help incentive in leveling in other areas.
17 Feb, 2008, Vladaar wrote in the 22nd comment:
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I was thinking removing all money from random encounters. Less exp? I don't know didn't think of that it can border It's not worth it for me to get hit by these random mobs type thing. Although maybe 10% less, though not much, might be enough to get people thinking no money, 10% less, and I got to go to areas anyway to get gear. Thanks for the idea, I will try to think up of something else too. Maybe 10% more exp in areas too, or something. Hrm….
18 Feb, 2008, syn wrote in the 23rd comment:
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Well the problem with making it less xp or money is that you could get to the point where a random battle isnt fun at all, its not meeting any kind of risk/reward scenario, and so it is just a drain on player time. I myself would probably just go for a low frequency of random encounters, but keep the reward on par for what they are fighting.

20 Feb, 2008, David Haley wrote in the 24th comment:
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To expand on what syn says, random encounters should have a purpose, and not just be a time drain. Is the point just to slow down players as they zip through the world? If so, there probably should be reward so that the time spent is at least somewhat worth it. Is the point to provide fun challenges along the way; something to do when you're not going to a hand-built area? If so, the reward doesn't matter quite as much, because (we assumed) the encounters would be pleasant.

But there comes a point when random encounters are simply terrible and boring. Morrowind's Cliff Racers are a notorious example of a useless and annoying random encounter as you wander around the world. They're not challenging to face, you have to deal with them, and you get nothing from them.
20 Feb, 2008, Tommi wrote in the 25th comment:
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SilkRoad Online (Graphical MMO) has random encounters when your in trade mode. Traders have random thieves attack them, Thieves have random hunters attack them and Hunters have random thieves attack them also,

I guess my point here is to follow on from what david was saying, that within this game the random encounters have an actually point to the story other than just being an annoyance.

Also on your wilds map, roads do not have anything spawn on them. If there is no reward for getting off the road, why leave it in the first place. As for rewards, i would load random treasures on the monsters, that could also double as quests, link the treasure with a mobile in some random zone, Pc delivers it and gets some minor reward.

Doing the above solves a couple of problems, it gives a reward, making PC's want to leave the road and makes PC's visit your zones and to know their way about them. Set the timers up right and they wont dally or try and level in your wilds because they want to get the quest points while they still can.
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