25 Nov, 2007, Guest wrote in the 1st comment:
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Attention Smaug Enthusiasts!

The new SmaugMuds.org site is officially open. The intention of the expanded site is to become a more generalized Smaug resource site for Smaug MUD admins, developers, builders, and players. With this effort we hope that more interest will be generated for Smaug and that the combine membership of the former AFKMud and SmaugFUSS sites will be able to interact more productively instead of splitting their time across two sites. We welcome anyone who has an interest in the Smaug family of codebases to join and bring their knowledge and experiences to the table.

The site covers Smaug, SWR, SWFOTE, AFKMud, and any other Smaug derivative you might be interested in. We have an extensive list of bugfixes for each of these codebases as well as a sizable collection of Smaug related areas, codebases, and snippets. So come on by, join the fun, and lets build the best Smaug resource site possible.

Any outstanding links to either the afkmud.com domain or the fussproject.org domain will need to be updated to point to the smaugmuds.org domain.

SmaugMuds.org - The Smaug MUDs Community Center
26 Nov, 2007, Avaeryn wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Best of luck on the new site, Samson. It's wonderful to see a community pull together, especially for the betterment of a specific codebase.
26 Nov, 2007, Guest wrote in the 3rd comment:
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We're already picking up some lurking guests who have wandered in from the places I've announced from, and Google is having a brain fit over suddenly finding itself in a "new" place :)
26 Nov, 2007, Conner wrote in the 4th comment:
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Hmm, I wonder if there's an easy way to fix all the links to a site that's changed domain like that within the database that underlies a QSFP site like this.. I can only begin to imagine where all the links to posts from AFK or SmaugFUSS might be hiding within these pages… :lol:
In fact, if someone knows of such a means, let me know because assuredly my own QSFP sites prolly have a few such links..
26 Nov, 2007, Guest wrote in the 5th comment:
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All I did when hunting down old links on the new site was to use the search feature.

Search for: "www.afkmud.com" ( with the quotes ) and make sure you uncheck the "Only search in posts" box so that you get all the results. You might need to sweep it through a couple of times to get them all since the search feature is still broken past the first page of results. You'll need to do the same search for www.fussproject.org as well.

Even with as tightly affiliated as afkmud.com and fussproject.org were, the links between them in topics weren't that many. I've already processed all of them.

Hunting down external links from other sources, that's hard. Sometimes you can't edit the information either and will just have to hope the other person is aware of what's going on.
26 Nov, 2007, Conner wrote in the 6th comment:
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*nod* So no magic database queries, eh? :wink: