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Your MUD Name.

- Zenn

The Funniest of Star Wars: Dark Nebulas / Galactic Conquest Quotes. (My imms are going to kill me for posting this)

Zenn: I'm gonna put in the motd 'Check out crunch's wormhole! Vnum 113!!'
Crunch: ….
Crunch: remind me to add some hardcode to that room ;)
Zenn: ROFL
Log: Zenn: restore wall
(IMM)(OOC) Zenn: er
Log: Zenn: restore all
[IMM](OOC) Zenn: Immtest is..was my test imm
[IMM](OOC) Zenn: I used him as a guinea pig
[IMM](OOC) Crunch: That's what mortals are for -_-
Zenn stands and says, 'Hi, I'm Zenn, and I'm a mud addict.'
Ramzi stands and says, 'Hi, I'm Ramzi, and I'm a mud addict.'
Zenn tells Ramzi that he is addicted to his love
Zenn says in a holy voice, '…'
Zenn says in a holy voice, 'oops'
[IMM](OOC) Zenn: what is it you don't understand about 'DO NOT TOUCH'
[IMM](OOC) Crunch: the part that says not
(IMM)(OOC) Zenn: LOL
[IMM](OOC) Revan: one sec..
"we" can mean three things.. "we three", "we the people". OR my personal favorite!!
Revan kicks crunch's ass.
[The combination of revan's bamfin/bamfout and the situation was hilarious]
[Admin] Zenn: Kyle Brown(Brom): yea… caius is a kick ass coder
[Admin] Caius: Hehe. I wonder whose ass I'm kicking.
[Admin] Zenn: LOL
[IMM: Caius] Yeah, it's my new ABUSEBROM command.
Log: Brom: get shatt
Brom says in basic, 'i cant pick em up?'
[IMM](OOC) Ayuri: but one must remember, i'm not easy :P
[IMM](OOC) Ayuri: just ask brom
(Five minutes later)
[IMM](OOC) Ayuri is still awaiting on her abusebrom command
Crunch bursts into tears.
Theo says in a holy voice, 'it pwned your cow :P'
Comm: Broke all-time maximum player record: 3
Alastor says in shistavanen, 'Um…..have the demon eat me again?'
[IMM](OOC) Brom: sweet… ok, all is goo
[IMM](OOC) Crunch: Retreao. You scare me. You can understand Zenn.
Crunch slowly fades into thin air.
Crunch (OOC) says: I'm scared
Log: Beledain: drop flab
Log: Zenn: drop butt
Jason is on the floor as you would normally be at this point.
Build: Zenn: red fags
Build: Zenn: red flags
[IMM](OOC) Crunch: omg
[IMM](OOC) Zenn: :(
[IMM](OOC) Zenn: Oops
[IMM](OOC) Zenn: rofl
[IMM](OOC) Crunch: red fags????????
(-OOC-) Ronaef: ZENN!!! Stop Doing your twilek. i can hear the bead squeaking down here.
(OOC) Zenn smacks Ronaef rather hard.
(-IMM-)(-OOC-) Zenn: I have zeltrons, not twileks.
(-OOC-) Ronaef: zeltrons?
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Here are some from God Wars II (some are old ones from when the mud was called Gladiator Pits III):

Kithrater chats, 'Well, I've done my part for the War on Terror tonight. That's one nomad who'll think twice before attacking a blood-drenched vampire-esque creature in steel platemail.'

Raxsymelich chats, 'If had a gun like that, i'd fill it with love bullets, and shoot ladies with my love……but then their'd be too many ladies all over me all the time and i'd have to cut them in half with my sword and they'd go "ahhh Rax! why you cut me with your sword??" and i'd say "hey ladies! i ain't got time to steal your heart, i got to steal Vav's pants"'

Malthej chats, 'What do you use the lock picking set for anyways?'
You chat, 'Picking locks.'

Trianoma chats, 'So what mastery is house darkblade?'
You chat, 'House DarkBlade.'

Valdemar chats, 'How do you class dragon.'
You chat, 'You type 'class dragon''

Mondo chats, 'Whats command to see changes.'
You chat, 'Help changes.'

[INFO] Zaikron has joined Gladiator Pits III.
You chat, 'Welcome, Zaikron.'
Arma chats, 'Hi Zaikron-friend.'
Zaikron chats, 'Hi.'
Zaikron chats, 'How do i delete?'

Morgor chats, 'Damnit, all the muds I usually play are down, thank god for gw2! :P.'

Asnett chats, 'Man anyone know the genera area in mirage desert that surtur hangs out?'
Fraust chats, 'The west area.'
Asnett chats, 'Thx fraust.'
[INFO] Asnett just got impaled on a cactus.

Druss chats, 'Haha.'
Druss chats, 'Thirty-three feet north of you, Surtur the fire giant's eyes burst into flames.'
Druss chats, 'Oh crap.'
Druss chats, 'Crud :('
[BATTLE] Surtur the fire giant slew Druss with 26193/27300 health remaining.

Draneer chats, 'Holy shit.'
Draneer chats, 'They split in two.'
Draneer chats, '?'
Rylnor chats, 'Haha.'
[BATTLE] A huge promethean slew Draneer with 5580/5580 health remaining.
Sesshomaru chats, 'Hehe.'

Note: He's referring to the prometheon juggernaut, who splits into two huge prometheans when killed.

[00:00:50] Rylnor: You gonna die!?
[00:00:46] Nysitre: O.O.
[00:00:40] Nysitre: Hope not :<
[00:00:33] Nysitre: My legs have been feelin funky the past few days.
[00:00:27] Faol: I'll come to your funeral if you do.
[00:00:24] Fraust: Shes gonna die.
[00:00:21] Nysitre: X.x.
[00:00:20] Fraust: Ill miss you nys.
[00:00:16] Fraust: Jk.
[00:00:13] Nysitre: If i die, i will haunt you guys.
[00:00:09] Rylnor: Me?
[00:00:07] Faol: Sweet.
[00:00:07] Fraust: Sweet.
[00:00:06] Nysitre: >:O.
[00:00:03] Faol: Ghosts rule.
[00:00:02] Fraust: HAHAHAHa.
[00:00:02] Nysitre: What's with you guys ROFL.

Syn chats, 'Wtf hes at 0%'
[INFO] The purple-sash martial artist beat Syn with 1/248 health remaining.

You chat, 'And later, dragons :P.'
You chat, 'I mean, poodles.'
You chat, 'Dog this is confusing :P.'
You chat, 'Err, god, this is confusing!'

Note: The above is due to the April Fool's joke, whereby the mud was renamed 'Dog Wars', and numerous words were replaced - eg 'dragon' became 'poodle' and vice versa.