20 Oct, 2007, Guest wrote in the 1st comment:
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Has anyone ever seen something like this?
I was going over logwatch emails from the server and saw several of these reported, but I wouldn't know how to go about tracking a cause.

WARNING: Kernel Errors Present
6dragons[28692] trap stack segment rip:4a454b rsp:7fff37d2f1c0 error:0 …: 1 Time(s)
6dragons[28704] trap stack segment rip:4a454b rsp:7fffd24e3970 error:0 …: 1 Time(s)
6dragons[28713] trap stack segment rip:4a454b rsp:7fff4c44d8e0 error:0 …: 1 Time(s)
6dragons[28741] trap stack segment rip:4a454b rsp:7fffa3ad1f60 error:0 …: 1 Time(s)
6dragons[28759] trap divide error rip:52c5cc rsp:7 …: 1 Time(s)
6dragons[31483] trap divide error rip:52c5cc rsp:7 …: 1 Time(s)
6dragons[31571] trap stack segment rip:4a454b rsp:7fff7af71400 error:0 …: 1 Time(s)
6dragons[31581] trap divide error rip:52c5cc rsp:7 …: 1 Time(s)

They don't seem to be doing any harm as far as I can tell, and the system itself isn't balking at having to deal with it. But it makes the logwatch email look ugly and bugs me.