16 Oct, 2007, Noplex wrote in the 1st comment:
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This was a way, way, unfinished client. I got bored working on some of the other things years ago and decided to dive into writing my own client. Well, I ended up working on another project and this code got abandoned. Sometime last year I went through it and started cleaning it up one weekend. Nevertheless, it never got finished due to school work so I decided to post it here for some people to read (learning, perhaps?).

Personally, I learn from reading code and books. I would never suggest anyone to attempt using it, but maybe take some do's and don'ts in design. Its definitely a crappy design, haha, but that's what I get for doing something on the fly without any planning. It, at one point, compiled on Visual C++ 7.1, Fedora Core 3 with GCC3, and Ubuntu with GCC3. I think I included everything in there, if I forgot anything, let me know and I'll search the backups for any code.

It'll most likely not compile. So don't try ;-). Not to mention I don't have a standalone Makefile.

So I hope it helps someone!