14 Oct, 2007, Vladaar wrote in the 1st comment:
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Is anyone using a turn based combat system?

I have seen midiboss's snippet on mudbytes for it, and it looks pretty cool. I think I would like it,
cause I did enjoy playing final fantasy. What are your guys thoughts on it? Anyone have one,
or know a mud that has it, I can check out?

14 Oct, 2007, Omega wrote in the 2nd comment:
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turn based combat systems can turn out REALLY well in a mud, if you write the mob AI properly. I've seen afew good ones in action, and I really enjoyed playing them, and for awhile on my mud, I used to run a turn based combat system, it was really well liked, but then I ganked it for a new combat system, which flopped, i may just go back.
14 Oct, 2007, KaVir wrote in the 3rd comment:
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I have a minigame called 'war' which is basically a turn-based combat system (originally based on poker, in fact). Each turn lasts 30/45/60 seconds (depending on the type of war), and you get 3 actions per turn which can be spent on adjusting your offence or defence, launching an attack, or performing various special moves. The players each control an entire kingdom rather than an individual character, but the same concept could also be applied to an individual. Overall it's pretty good fun, although I suspect the novelty would wear off if you had to use it for every mob you fought.
14 Oct, 2007, Hades_Kane wrote in the 4th comment:
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I'd stand firmly behind anything Midboss has coded, as he's done wonders developing for End of Time. But just from a personal standpoint, I'm not a big fan of turn based engines. That has a lot to do with preferring a fast paced feel to combat in a MUD, especially in regards to PK.
14 Oct, 2007, Omega wrote in the 5th comment:
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Midboss's work is quite nice, I happen to enjoy reading his work. It makes life quite nice, quite nice indeed :)

Anyways, its all good, turn based systems have a great ability to work out, pending what options you give.

Case and point, I came did some work on a mud about 2 years ago for a friend, its arena system was one giant turn based system, well, kinda, you had a list of options, so did your opponent, you have 30 seconds to choose your action, and if you don't, you forfiet that turns action, in anycase, you could choose like, attack, and your opponent choose parry, and based on the options chosen (and the quick roll of the virtual die) the outcome would be displayed. Sorta like this.

'Darien slashes at The Great Iguanadon but his attack was parried away'

or this outcome.

'Darien slashes at The Great Iguanadon, whom fails to parry (113)'

it was a nice little arena system. Much worth the effort. But that is a style of turn based that I thought was quite nicely designed. Though it was pure pvp.

Anyways. Turn based systems are always fun to play with solong as they have variety.

My suggestion for someone writing a turn based system, (or wanting to use one) to open up to a variety of cool things, this is my suggestion.

Make attack skills fall under the attack module. So instead of at your turn, you type attack defend run or whatever else there would be.

Your attack would have an option of attack <cleave> or attack <circle> or just plain attack todo a small set of damage.

My other suggestion would be to implement an attack queue. So that you could avoid having to wait for the turn to arrive, you could just be like attack <slash>; circle; <return> defend <parry> <return> attack <flying kick> <return> defend <dodge>; backflip <return>

Something like that to make it so you could automate combat alittle more. Another suggestion would be to add in skills like bash, that smash someone's stack, once they get dazed or whatever they lose their combat stack. (just to play with the minds)

In anycase, thats just my suggestion. I think it would be a good setup.
15 Oct, 2007, Midboss wrote in the 6th comment:
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If you want to use my system be prepared to do most of the work. It's really just the very basics, the turn order. It's boring as all hell if you don't give it some extra flavor.

I had personally added an action limit, where you could do multiple things on each turn, with certain actions ending your turn instantly when used, and various actions having different costs for your action total. Then your action limit would recover by an amount based on how your previous turn ended, +2 if you chose to 'wait' at the end of your turn, +1 if you used anything else that forced your turn to end, +0 if you ran out of actions. Then there were certain skills which had effects based on actions taken or turns taken, for instance, a regeneration spell might've given you HP after each turn, while my favorite fire spell circled around the victim until 5 actions had been taken since it was initially cast (including everyone's actions, not just yours or your victim's), then crashed into them. EDIT: The max action limit was fixed at 5 points, and started at 3.

And as an off-topic side note to Darien, I've been mostly toying with other types of games lately, rather than MUDs. Text-based games really don't lend themselves well to the fast-paced reflexive action I prefer. So I probably won't be writing many more snippets, though I might eventually release Dave.
15 Oct, 2007, Omega wrote in the 7th comment:
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Midboss: I play guildwars most of my time… Mudding is just something i use to escape to every now and then these days. Though i am using your combat system now in a mud, this topic spawned me to have a idea for a new mud and I went balls deep… I mean head first, fast! HAHA..