07 Oct, 2007, Tlanuwa wrote in the 1st comment:
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Please accept my sincere apologies if this qualifies as spam – certainly not my intent!

I run WGFriends.com, a new social network and games listing/rankings site (*coughs* as the title probably already told you). I am aiming to bridge the various communities of MUDs, browser games, and play-by-post games (ok, and pen-and-paper, too) in one distinct area. I've already seen folks "cross over" and try games that I suspect they would never have known about otherwise.

There are literally thousands of MUDs and thousands of browser-games and, like, ten forum games out there – let's get together and share some fun.

Once again, I do apologize if my posting this was in violation of the ToS – I'm struggling to get word out about my project, so I've probably violated many ToS in my posting these threads in quite a few places. Hope to see you all around at WGFriends.
Check us out: WGFriends.com

John DeLancey
Owner, WGFriends.com
08 Oct, 2007, Conner wrote in the 2nd comment:
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For what it's worth, my mud's listed on this site and so far John's been making a lot of interesting and rapid changes to the site, I'd say it's worth at least a look for most of those here, though I can't say that I'm one of his converts to other games yet. *shrug*