30 Sep, 2007, Lazerous wrote in the 1st comment:
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I have downloaded and installed a copy of the smaugfuss 1.7 package.
No problems during installation except for the imc stuff.
I have tried a few things before posting here.
I tried to post at the home site of the codebase in question,
to see if anyone had simular issues. I was asked to update the code abit,
which I did and this did not affect my ability to connect to the network. Sadly.
I tried swaping from server 1 to server 2 in hopes this might resolve the issue.
Nope, no luck there.
I have done exactly as the imcconfig command allows, I set the config file
as per what was given me by your site here when I registered with the network.
I then did the imcconnect and poof the mud died.
It oddly enough killed my whole cygwin session, so had to log back in etc.
After reboot, it looked fine, or so I thought till I realised it was not on auto
connect, which once it was, wouldnt allow the mud to come up.
This is very strange. Now I can live and function without this great feature,
but I can't imagine wanting too. Its a cool feature that alot of people like.
If anyone has any sugestions and or questions fire away please.
You help and sugestions are appreciated. Below is a copy of my config file.
$IMCCONFIG #IMC2 Freedom CL-2.1 Config File #
# This file can now support the use of tildes in your strings.
# This information can be edited online using the 'imcconfig' command.
LocalName Draenor
Autoconnect 1
MinPlayerLevel 10
MinImmLevel 51
AdminLevel 65
Implevel 65
InfoName The Realm of Draenor
InfoHost aderon.zapto.org
InfoPort 4020
InfoEmail <Edited Out>
InfoWWW <Edited Out>
InfoBase smaugfuss 1.7
InfoDetails A mythical realm of terror and glory.
# Your connection information goes here.
ServerAddr server02.intermud.us
ServerPort 9000
ClientPwd <Edited Out>
ServerPwd <Edited Out>
#SHA256 auth: 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled SHA256 1
#Your server is expecting SHA-256 authentication now. Do not remove this line unless told to do so.
SHA256Pwd 1
I run a windows Xp system using cygwin and smaugfuss 1.7
Now the serverpwd and the clienpwd are I assume provided by me, as there was limited
installation information here to go on….so when I did the registration I gave my own
pwd's, now do these have to be unique to each other and also can they be alpha-numberic?
Are these case sensitive? Thank you for your time and I appreciate your help.