14 May, 2016, alteraeon wrote in the 1st comment:
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This major update focuses on the Necromancer class, with improvements to minions, utility spells, and more!

Add level 8 obscure spell 'strawman'.
Add level 16 obscure necromancer skill 'harvest bone'.
Add level 21 necromancer spell 'spectral ward'.
Add level 24 necromancer spell 'skeletal knight'.
Add level 26 necromancer skill 'summon demon teeth'.
Add level 28 necromancer spell 'skeletal lich'.
Add level 30 necromancer skill 'blood bottling'.
Add level 37 necromancer spell 'field of the grasping dead'.
Add level 37 necromancer spell 'mend bones'.

We also have updates from the last couple of months to talk about:

- Lots of brag, show, list search, sound hooks, and other accessibility improvements.

- Eight new areas since february, including areas on sloe and kordan.

- Other class improvements, including warrior and druid skill improvements, the new mage 'mana shield' spell, 'evasion' for thieves, and two high level enchanting skills.

Lastly, the Mush-Z developers have released a new update. Make sure to thank the volunteers who work on it for their effort.

We hope to see you there!

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