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Alter Aeon is a well established MUD with a long history. It is set in a world of magic and dragons, with regular updates and system-wide events. The game is blind friendly for the visually impaired.

Here's a list of changes since our February posting:

New and updated areas:

- A new level 21 area, the tainted forest north of Smuggler's Cove, has been added on the island of Archais.

- A new level 26 area, the Village of Iron Bay, has been added on the island of Archais north of DragonTooth.

- A level 30 topiary garden has been added southeast of Ralnoth on the mainland.

- The City of Hartmur, in the Ash mountains west of Ralnoth, has been updated and releveled to level 33.

- The city of Kora'tur west of Elborat has been releveled and updated. It is now a level 38 group 10 area.

Major server code updates:

- A lot of improvements to visual world maps. See our maps web page for details.

- Our quest system has been reworked, splitting quests into a number of different categories - feats, deeds, and legacies. New leaderboards have been added for these categories, and we've added new commands for reviewing previously completed quests.

- Experience caps have changed in the mid level range, making it a lot easier to level for level 20-30 players.

- Massive updates to how area levels are calculated, how monsters are built, and how exp is handled for high level players. This should help improve the solo player situation at high levels, as well as make area difficulty more consistent.

- Group areas now have a recommended group size. We'll be updating areas to have the correct group size and level over time.

In addition, there were dozens of minor updates, including better blind client support, skill and spell tweaks, druid class fixes, and more. For the full server changelog, please see:


We hope to see you there!

Alter Aeon MUD