23 Mar, 2015, plamzi wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hi all,

My partner and I are working on a new cloud-based solution that will let users automate series of browser actions.

We are targeting a specific niche (web analysts) but the tool is flexible enough to be useful in a wide range of scenarios.

Examples include:

* You have a website / web app and you worry that the latest changes may break something important, like site registration. You don't want to have to do regression testing manually, or to write custom test code.

* You want to scrape something hard to do with "dumb spiders", such as a Google paid search result position for a given search phrase.

* You want to schedule an export of data only available via a "human" UI.

* You want screenshots of top stories from your favorite news site delivered daily to your email (e. g. to circumvent a workplace firewall).

We are looking for sharp-minded tinkerers who would want to give such a tool a spin, and are willing to sign a reasonable NDA. No obligations on either side, but please don't PM me unless you're able to invest at least a couple of hours setting up some tests.

Thanks for reading!