11 Feb, 2015, Roryon wrote in the 1st comment:
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See the features page!

I began playing Aethar around 13 years ago and played quite a bit
until I moved on to graphical MMOs. I eventually found myself wondering why
I left MUDs and began playing Aethar again a few months ago.

I've tried many many different MUDs over the years and there is
a reason why Aethar keeps me playing. If you like a MUD where leveling
is a quick formality and end game progression and group play is
the focus, you will love Aethar.

1. Triple class system where each class brings strong abilities and utilities.
2. Leveling can be completed in less than 10 hours for even a brand new player.
3. Current players love to 'run' with new players and help them gear up.
4. Area and mob fights are very interactive and many fights last up to
5 minutes and are very fast paced and reaction based.
5. There are two automatic quest systems in place and immortal ran
quests that are very involved, sometimes lasting months at a time.
6. There is a built in point system where you can turn in equipment
for points and buy stronger equipment by saving up points.
7. A tiered equipment system, where you use pieces from the previous
tier to build the next tier.
8. Ability to multi-play two characters. This adds a very enjoyable
challenge to fighting fast paced mobs and increases your strength
and ability to fight harder mobs.
9. A charm system, where charms can drop from mobs which assist with
minor tasks, such as moving your alignment, refilling your mana/blood,
and refilling your deity favor.
10. A portal system, where portals can drop from mobs and when used in
town, open portals to powerful mobs for quick access to them.
11. Kingdoms to join, which allow access to morgues, heal pills, combat
training mobs, spellup mobs, and players to run with.

1. PvP is possible, but doesn't really happen. You have to become a deadly
player, which most players do not. You can arena, but that is rare as well.
2. Small playerbase, but that is what this review is meant to help. I'm hoping
to get others to try Aethar. I really think if you level to avatar and
go on a few runs, you'll stick around, it's very enjoyable.
3. One of the kingdoms is idle. Perhaps you can be the next leader of that
kingdom and bring it back to life!

Also within the next couple weeks a new solo dungeoneering system is going to
be in the test phase. The rewards and content is not set in stone, but is
going to be a random generated dungeon that is solo only, once per day, and
is promised to add a whole new gameplay aspect to Aethar.

If you want to try Aethar, please do it now! Us the chat channel to let us
know you are there and I will love to give you as much or as little help
as you want. Look for me online.

12 Feb, 2015, Roryon wrote in the 2nd comment:
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We now have personalized mounts you can quest for. You can name them anything you want, and you can ask them to run to certain areas by saying Onward to <area>!

We also got something called dragonflight. You call a dragon and ride it between areas. You are basically walking between areas like walking between rooms, so you can travel pretty far with just a quick flight.

And yesterday they put in a farming system. You basically plant crops, water them and they grow. When they mature you harvest them and then you buy baby farm animals and feed them your harvest. When the animals are mature, you slaughter them for Farm Credits. These credits buy more plants/animals, or valor/PEP,RP items.