06 Feb, 2015, Tijer wrote in the 1st comment:
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Aadarian Realms is based upon the once popular Aadaria codebase.

Our MUD is one of the most stable versions of the codebase, we RARELY crash (currently havent crashed for 2 months)
We have changed the max level back down to 101, we have 4 tiers of remort.
Our mud is a fast paced levelling MUD with PK, Arenas, Quests, Clans, Relic EQ, and MUCH MUCH more.

The only thing the MUD is lacking currently is a player base. So if you like ROT based MUDs, where you can
level fast, Aadarian Realms is the MUD for you.

Currently we are running a Promotion, where by if you bring a NEW player to the MUD (not an alt) and they Level up to Hero Tier 4,
and they play for 100-150 hours you will get some kind of reward.

(I know this isnt the best promotion for the mud, but connect to see the cool things this MUD has)

adr.godwars.net port 1111
06 Feb, 2015, Tijer wrote in the 2nd comment:
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would appear my subdomains arent working currently.. so please use godwars.net port 1111 to connect to the MUD