05 Jan, 2015, koqlb wrote in the 1st comment:
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Yes, I know it sounds crazy. Who would make a 3d commercial for a MUD right?
Well, I want to. Everywhere else uses flash animations. I want to bypass that and make a "Coming Soon"
trailer, AND an actual trailer for our MUD. This would be a non-paid position. I'm a graphic designer/web designer
and owner of Subversive Visions. But… this is basically targeted to someone who either HAS experience
with 3ds or Blender (I have very little with both… and since I'm running Ubuntu, I'm not able to install 3ds, which I have
more experience with).
Our website and story is: http://subversive.themudhost.net then click on "About" (If you can't connect, our free server is down
temporarily for updates).
What I'm looking for. Action packed, and thrilling. Make the players WANT to play our MUD. Explain that even though it's
text based, it is more than just a hack and slash text game. I want wizards, giants, Warriors, Thieves, dragons, vampires, monks, clerics. Those are some racesband classes in the MUD. And also humans (nobody ever wants to play a human in MMO, MUD, MUSH, etc.)
I myself will provide ALL of the trailer scoring as I3) Educational experience'm a musician/audio/multimedia producer by hobby of 15 yrs.
Also, I can provide the recorded voices. You may have to provide simply the video. It WOULD be nice if you could include
sound effects to. But I do want to make the theme. ;) I would like it to be approximately 1.5 min long. And I would like it
to not be a cut-rate. I WOULD like it to be a cinematic trailer, not look like a video of gameplay of some other game.
Once it is complete, I'd like an AVI or even a swf or flv flash file (I can embed the flash if needed) of the trailer.
What's in it for you? Well, 1) Experience. 2) Global, and Worldwide credit online… EVERYWHERE. If it's to my liking, I'd
spider your creation studio EVERYWHERE on the web and give you all sorts of credit.
3) If you are still learning, then educational experience. 4) You WILL no matter what, receive a free immortal character on
Subversive Visions, and your name will be acredited even on the MUD with a helpfile for the trailer, and a link to your creation studio website (if applicable).

Does this sound crazy? Probably… Who does this??? ME. Why??? Because I have SEEN that text based games are making a comeback, and I want not only to be a part of it, but I also want to make this just as much fun of a game for people to play as any graphical MMORPG game out there. In the future, I MAY even want to turn it into a graphical game if needed. But for now, I like MUDs. :) That is all. If anybody is interested, please send a message on here, and we can discuss things in further detail via other forms of communication (MUD, email, etc.)

WEB: http://subversive.themudhost.net
MUD: subversive.themudhost.net port 7500
06 Jan, 2015, Runter wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Since you seem to be keen on doing things outside of the box I have a suggestion:

Develop a custom client and get it green lit for steam. Your video trailer would be put to good use there.

This is an interesting path to me because, as you've correctly stated, text based gaming has spiked as a genre people are interested in suddenly. A number of single player entries on steam are getting some traction – even with a $$$ attached to it.
07 Jan, 2015, plamzi wrote in the 3rd comment:
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+1 Runter

Nowadays, it's all about platform presence / reach.

Another route is to go web-based on sites like Facebook and Kongregate.
08 Jan, 2015, koqlb wrote in the 4th comment:
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I do plan on networking once it is back to par. The three main things I'm missing in it right now that I used to have is the extra point system
(Immquest, RP, Clan points, etc.), and remorts (I had 10 remort levels before. Myremort was similar to relevel… You just get knocked back to 1.
Your skills are already learned as much as you had them, it requires points to purchase from the game.
And with each remort level you get a custom skill or spell, and an extra "imm-like" function each time you reach 110 (max mortal level)… To encourage
people to get that 10th level 110. Hehehe. It's got lurk (a mortal version of incog) which was concepted from DizzyMUD back in the early days of the first
run, but there will be more. My goal is customer service. We make the games, and without us, they couldn't play them, but without them, we wouldn't
have the motivation to actually PURSUE it. So the goal is to make the players feel like players (and fans). Not be TOO helperton, but make them feel
at home. At the same time, I plan on making the heroes FEEL like heroes. I believe this is important. So many players play MMOs and MUDS and get
to max level, then log on to just do random quests. We want to give the heroes some seniority, and make them feel needed. They can get newbie
helper points, and in turn, makes the game that more interesting when they want to do a bunch of things that other non-heroes can do, but it will be
geared towards helping other players. And thus, eventually they can earn an ACTUAL immortal position in the future.
I'm currently hiring builders and immortals, as we desperately need areas for the levels above 50. But also so that the Imms can learn the game and when we
open to the public (mud listings, facebook, etc.) THEN they'll already have all the knowledge of the game.