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We have introduced new code to allow mobs the ability to not only toggle server flags, but to be able to read server time to allow automated scheduling of such.

We have added other functionality to the server flags, including saving/loading of server flags, which makes them crash/copyover proof, and timers which allow them to be toggled indefinitely or for a limited amount of time (they toggle with a default of 30 minutes). These additions will make toggling the server flags a much more common event along with laying the ground work for "event" server flags in the future, toggled and maintained by server flags themselves!

Our program variable system that allows mobs to set/track values on players that can also set to be saved or cleared upon login/logout can also save on mobiles now, as well, which also vastly increases the versatility and reliability of mobile ran events, such as TheDude's annual Winterhold event.

Lastly on this front, we have added a new "Power Hour" server flag that increases experience gained by 50%, multiplies out-of-combat healing by x5 and increases PC vs. NPC damage by 25%. Power Hour runs twice a day for 60 minutes; once between 6pm and 7pm CST, and another between 2am and 3am CST for those graveyard shift types.

Another long simmering project has taken its first steps into the light of day: screen reader friendly options.

It's no secret to those who use screen readers that have given End of Time a try that we have leaned pretty heavily on visual cues via ASCII or wilderness/world map type of features which has made it challenging to play End of Time. I've also maintained for a while now that we would start addressing some of these issues. While converting the game for screen reader functionality is going to be a work in progress for some time, we have added new code in an effort to address some of the most conflicting parts of playing the game.

Players may now toggle the config option "screenread" in order for these fixes to take affect, which will alter the read-out for screen reader friendliness.

First up are the elemental fields, represented nex to the room title by multicolored bars representing the strength of the elements in the room itself. Toggling the option will replace the colored bars with a read out of the element. For example, it will read: field red red yellow blue green

The biggest issue has been, however, the world map which uses a wilderness system to generate an overhead map made up of ASCII characters with no auto-exits and for most of the world wilderness map, no room descriptions.

The fixes for this include, upon toggling the option:

-The removal of the overhead map
-The display of the "auto exits"
-If no room title present, a title indicating being on the world map
-If no room description is present, a room description will be generated based on immediate sector type, along with the sector types of all rooms 2 spaces in all directions. It's not pretty, but it's functional. An example room is as follows:

On the World Map Field green red red green white
Here a grassy wide open field spreads outward. To the north the ground has a worn dirt trail. Further to the north dense trees open up to an entrance of a forest. To the east a grassy wide open field spreads outward. Further to the east dense trees clutter forming a forest. To the south a grassy wide open field spreads outward. Further to the south a grassy wide open field spreads outward. To the west a grassy wide open field spreads outward. Further to the west a grassy wide open field spreads outward.

(Exits: north east south west)

Additional elements will be added in order to make this flag more useful.

Other steps have been taken as well, such as the addition of the 'nearby' command. When used with an argument, it will search within a decent range for the entrance to the area specified. When used without an argument, it will display at half the range any valid nearby areas. Area entrances have to be specified to be valid, but may have been excluded on purpose (such as any intentionally hidden points of interest). Please note the directions for this isn't perfect, as it aims for a straight line of sight, takes in no accounting for diagonals, or entrances in which a player cannot travel.

We are also in the process of placing signs at the entrance/exits of most areas that will indicate general directions and mention of any significant obstacles toward other nearby areas, to help guide those relying on nearby to help find other areas.

Please note that this is just the first step, and there are other aspects of the game that would be problematic for a screen reader, but we will be addressing things as we go. I do plan on eventually spending a substantial amount of time combing through the game and making more exhaustive changes that rely on the screenread flag, but we hope that these changes will help go a long way toward easing the frustration some have had in trying to play End of Time.

End of Time is a deeply modified ROM based game themed after the worlds of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger/Cross. While the game is heavy on nostalgia and fans of the series will delight in the familiar environments, familiarity with the theme is in NO way necessary to play, enjoy, or understand the game. In fact, a couple of our clan leaders have only passing familiarity with the source material; a clear example of how open to all we truly are! The game is very unique and unlike any other, a very detailed, cohesive world and background formed for an excellent backdrop of our numerous area-based quests, player roleplay (RP heavily encouraged, non-enforced), and immortal ran events. Deep combat, exciting magic system, detailed character customization… End of Time is a game experience you'll not regret giving a little bit of time toward.

You can connect to End of Time through host eotmud.com and port 4000.

More infomation on the game can be found at: