17 Nov, 2014, Hades_Kane wrote in the 1st comment:
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We have a lot planned this week and weekend at End of Time!

The Great Turkey Hunt is on!
Starting this evening dozens of turkeys have been spotted running rampant throughout the world, the foreboding sign of the Great Turkey is ready to strike once again! Grab your Turkey Slaying Blade, or get one from Scott in Termina Square, and join in the hunt!

In addition to the turkey hunt, we will be running a variety of server flags all week. Death Ward (which prevents death fatigue & exp loss, and reduces the heal revive cost to 0) will be running all week, so get out there and explore! Look forward to the occasional double exp, super regen, super damage, or even powerlevel (which eliminates group size and level restrictions).

Event Weekend!
Starting Friday afternoon, we will be far more generous with the server flags, having no fewer than 2 running at all times. We will likely be holding some social events along with trivia that night, with a game of freeze tag or arena quest likely as well.

Saturday & Sunday Night will be the main event nights, with the Great Turkey Hunt concluding Saturday night with the emergence of the Great Turkey itself!

The Guardia Kingdom will also be hosting it's first annual "Celebration of the Truce" this weekend, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the end of the Second Mystic War, in which a truce was struck that saw the Mystics officially gain South Zenan as territory and folded into the Kingdom of Baron, and Rubicant, the birth father of our Queen Victoria, welcomed into the ruling body of Baron. This will also serve as the birthday celebration of Queen Victoria, who was welcomed into the world the same year as the signing of the Truce. The celebration will commence with the opening of the fair at Leene Square on Friday and will be ending with the introduction and coronation of one of the most important roles and duties within the Guardian Kingdom.

Other surprises are planned for this week and weekend, and we expect a pretty healthy turnout. The more players we have connected any given time, the more server flags and other surprises we'll unleash. Especially with Death Ward running this week with a variety of other server flags, this is a perfect time to jump in, socialize and explore. We still have numerous important roleplay positions available throughout the game, including one clan leadership position still vacant. There is still time and room to make a long lasting mark on the game and become someone to help shape what's to come.

Great things and a healthy momentum lies ahead, come check us out!

End of Time is a deeply modified ROM based game themed after the worlds of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger/Cross. While the game is heavy on nostalgia and fans of the series will delight in the familiar environments, familiarity with the theme is in NO way necessary to play, enjoy, or understand the game. In fact, a couple of our clan leaders have only passing familiarity with the source material; a clear example of how open to all we truly are! The game is very unique and unlike any other, a very detailed, cohesive world and background formed for an excellent backdrop of our numerous area-based quests, player roleplay (RP heavily encouraged, non-enforced), and immortal ran events. Deep combat, exciting magic system, detailed character customization… End of Time is a game experience you'll not regret giving a little bit of time toward.

You can connect to End of Time through host eotmud.com and port 4000.

More infomation on the game can be found at:
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From the Guardian Ministry of Information:

Originally constructed in E3|800 (197bE4) to celebrate Guardia's 200 year
anniversary of its victory over the first Mystic army in the First Mystic
War, Queen Victoria is honored to announce that Leene Square will host the
first annual "Celebration of the Truce".
This newly established, annual holiday will celebrate, this year, the 30th
anniversary of the end of the Second Mystic War, in which a truce was struck
that saw the Mystics officially gain South Zenan as territory and folded into
the Kingdom of Baron, and Rubicant, the birth father of our Queen Victoria,
welcomed into the ruling body of Baron. As many of you may remember, it was
this truce that the city of Truce was named in honor of.
This celebration will also double as the celebration for the birth of our
Queen, who was welcomed into this world the same year as this truce.
Queen Victoria hopes that this celebration at Leene Square specifically will
serve to honor the variety of cultures and races that make up our beautiful
Kingdom. It is her hope that the division and mistrust that lead to the war
its construction originally served to honor is well in our past, and hopes
the site can serve as a symbol to our Kingdom's unity and racial harmony.
A special presentation is planned for the evening, honoring one of Guardia's
most loyal and bravest Knights. The entire Knights of the Round Table will be
in attendance for this historic presentation.
All citizens of the world are invited to partake in the festivities as the
fair of Leene Square will be officially open for the celebration this coming
Friday afternoon and will run for a few weeks after in celebration. Special
invitation is extended toward the leaders and diplomats of our global
We welcome and look forward to your attendance of the special presentation
and climax of the fair on Sunday, November 23rd at approx 3:00PM Central Time.

-The Guardian Ministry of Information
21 Nov, 2014, Hades_Kane wrote in the 3rd comment:
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A few updates from our friendly neighborhood Mognet information system:

—–A Few Days Ago—–
A bulletin has been issued by the Acacia Dragoons for Termina:

There have been unconfirmed reports of disappearances within the region of
Termina. The Acacia Dragoons are investigating, but citizens, please be
aware of your surroundings and on the lookout for anything suspicious. The
family members of the individuals involved have expressed wishes that
currently, they not be identified publicly, but if we fail to turn up any
leads independently, we may be asking for your help in trying to locate any
information that may help.

This is no cause for alarm, as there are dangerous places in this world the
that would be adventurers often explore and sometimes don't come back. We
will be combing many of the surrounding areas just in case.

A bulletin has been issued through Mognet:

Dear Citizens of The Trade Isles,

Our dear Iakel was last seen in the vicinity of the region
known as the Trade Isles. The Acacia Dragoons, as acting
administrators of the region, have been searching over for any
signs of him, and thus far have turned up nothing. We know
him, and he wasn't the reckless type, was never unreliable.
In fact, he was in the beginning stages of opening a shop in
Termina. He had no reason or incentive, to run off, go off
some damn fool adventure, disappear with a young lady, or any
of the other possibilities that have been brought forth.

As far as the Dragoons are concerned, he has simply vanished.
We are confident that something must have happened to him, but
we have no leads, no evidence, to go on. We turn to you and
offer a 50k gil reward for any information that can lead to
his return or the discovery of the circumstances surrounding
his disappearance.

Sometime this weekend, we are looking to gather a search party
to help find clues. If there are any able volunteers to
assist, we would be eternally grateful.


What hidden menace is abducting citizens from the Trade Isles?

Will you be able to help solve the riddle of these disappearances?

What do these foul omens portend for what's ahead?

Join us this weekend to find out! The exact nature of when the hunt for clues will transpire will largely be played by ear based on attendance.

We will be running very helpful server flags all weekend, starting today, including super regen, double exp, super damage, etc.

The two main events for the weekend will be held Saturday Night approx 6pm CST and Sunday Afternoon approx 3pm CST.