05 Nov, 2014, oarien wrote in the 1st comment:
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After quite some time searching, and quite a bit of help from higher sources I am happy to say that I have a "Ethereal Mist' derived godwar's mud up.
But I am in need of a few more imms, as well as some players. Right now thanks to Tijer, and jindrak working on it temporarily we are pretty well crash free.
They cleaned up the code, as well as added in a few required features. Unfortunately I don't want to have to continue to ask them for assistance so I did
want to post on here and see if anyone wants to come over. We are in need of a permanent coder to update the mud somewhat, as well as make a few cosmetic
changes. We are also in need of a few builders, I am wanting to take the entire Godwars stock and put it in a museum of sorts. Then rebuild the entire world up, more of a Greenland look, Green forest where no one is willing to go, encampments that are range from small camps huddled near a fire afraid of the howl in the dark, and a main city surrounded by a moat with the people huddled around the fires in the huts afraid for them and they're being found the next day exsanguinated and cold in a alley. If you need a movie reference ignore the mist and the monsters but take a look at the movie "The 13th Warrior" and its scenery and you'll have a good idea.
I know this is a lot of I wants, but I have a pretty clear view of how the mud is going, the world of SotU isn't ran as a dictatorship, so if you join it, this will be a team with
everyone providing input. The only requirement I have is logging in at least once a week, but I realize like everyone else that real life comes first.
We are also in need of more people to play test the mud, to stress test and to find any bugs that have been missed, but we are almost ready to no longer be in testing.
Any help or playtime would be greatly appreciated.
Please either message me here, or email me at oarien@shadowsoftheunderworld.com, or even login at shadowsoftheunderworld.com: port 3560

Oarien "Eol" Silverfur