16 Oct, 2014, Flelmo wrote in the 1st comment:
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I hesitated before posting this, as I'm not really in a position to release anytime soon (read: 6-8 months or more). But, at the point where I am now, I need someone to bounce ideas off of and get aesthetic input from. I'm using the Evennia code base as a starting point, and I don't want to develop the systems in an echo-chamber; it's easier to design them right the first time than add things later. I'll be cross-posting this to a few places, and I won't be accepting the first person who asks.

An ideal candidate would be 18+, has a love for the Pokemon games, and interest in seeing them translated to MUD format. They'd be available during the evening/night EST for discussion. This would be their only current project, and first-time devs would be fine. Grammar is a must.

About me: I've been playing MUDs since around 1996, starting with MUME, then The Great Hunt, and finally ending up on the Iron Realms MUDs. I'm 30, and am serious about completing this project, although getting to the point where I'm actively looking for a playerbase is questionable; it's more about making this a finished game than growing it.

I'll happily give out the address to the server to anyone who asks, but I'm not really on there unless I'm testing changes. A PM would be best to reach me, with questions or reasons why you think you'd be a good fit for this. Thanks for your time.