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Alter Aeon is a well established MUD with a long history. It is set in a world of swords and magic, with regular updates and system-wide events. The game is blind friendly for the visually impaired.

New and updated areas:

The Cloud Academy has reopened! Previously known as the Djinni School for Magic, this level 24 area on the island of Archais was reworked by Bamboo and contains several new quests.

A new level 35 area, the Barbary Bridge Road, has been opened along the eastern coast of the mainland between West Naginag and Rogonia.

Near the Barbary Bridge Road lies the Sas'kwal Dale, a new total level 114 area. It is the former home of a now disenfranchised tribe of murlocks. It is said a powerful curse was laid on the Dale by the last master biomancer of the Sas'kwal.

Mount Blitzstadt, a mysterious peak on the nothern edge of the Ash Mountains, is a new total level 118 area. It is rumored that something immensely powerful dwells in or around the mountain.

Two new total level 122 areas have been added to the Astral Plane of Air: The Empyrean Caliphate, a cluster of allied cloud giant and greater djinni villages, and the Great Vortex, an enormous storm system populated by strange animals and elemental creatures.

Server code updates:

Lots of druid class updates, including more spell and skill exp, automerging of nuts and berries, improvements to spellstaffs and totems, and making it a lot easier to brew salves and tinctures. One of the biggest changes is to make the 'call animal' spell low level, so low level players can call and use animals.

If you lose your account master password, you can now request an emailed password reset with 'account password reset'.

We've improved the 'where' and 'nearby' commands to make it easier to find places in cities and nearby areas. The web pages for areas have also been upgraded, to display nearby areas and related quests.

Item reforging and random items have been dramatically improved. Random items now spawn with much more useful stats, and reforge is more consistent and reliable.

Pk changes - damage tweaks to various overpowered spells and skills in pk, as well as making dodge and parry less powerful for casters.

Miscellaneous skill/spell changes: Improvements to cleric curses and lightballs, allow climb without knowing the skill, add thief shadow usage to prompts, add Tornius' Reagent for potion brewers, tweaks to various warrior skills, and lots of changes to add exp for the less commonly used classes.

Convenience changes: Add support for 'drop all.item', improve channel replay, add 'donate oops', better spam filters on clan storage, and make it harder to lose alignment in groups.

There's also new Mush-Z and DClient releases, with more druid sounds!

Lastly, don't forget that Halloween Havoc is coming up in a few short weeks. We'll post more information about the Halloween events as we approach month end.

We hope to see you there!

Alter Aeon MUD
06 Oct, 2014, Kelvin wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I don't play Alter Aeon, but I wanted to mention that I really like seeing these update posts. They are interesting, and aren't something that I would normally visit your site to look for. You are presenting it here where I can peek at what's going on with low effort.

Probably very weird feedback to get, but I like this!
06 Oct, 2014, alteraeon wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Thanks! It helps me as well, to remember what we've been working on and what the other builders have been doing. Hopefully most of the change entries make sense; I usually have to filter down the changelog pretty heavily to get things that are human readable.

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