26 Aug, 2014, Hades_Kane wrote in the 1st comment:
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In addition to trying to build up our core playerbase, we are also trying to get roleplay started on End of Time.

End of Time is a Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger/Cross based MUD, where our background and areas are drawn from many events and places across the series, coalesced into a cohesive history and world. Knowledge or familiarity with the series is in no way necessary to understand or enjoy the game, its history, or its roleplay. If you can learn/understand any game with a solid background, there is no learning curve at End of Time in that regard.

The MUD itself is based on the ROM codebase, but has been modified and polished far beyond anything that is easily recognizable as such. We are "RP Heavily Encouraged" but outside of non-consensual PK or clan membership, no roleplay is required on the game. However, we hope to build the game's reputation off of an already large game world, active and fun quests, and a very healthy and active roleplay community that is supplemented with scheduled quest events ran by the staff.

As is consistent with the games in our theme, the power of the world Governments plays a central role within our game world. With that, we have numerous positions available throughout all of our clans and governments, including some actual leadership positions. The leadership positions are very important, significant roles within our world, and with that carry a lot of responsibility. We've had a terrible string of luck with people who would sign on to lead a clan, and real life issues would spring up, causing them to be unable to log in for weeks at a time. We aren't looking for someone to make this game or their clan leadership a priority within their lives, but enough time and dedication to log at least a few hours a week would be vastly preferable.

Of course, we aren't going to take direct applications from people just coming into the game. We would prefer people who would be willing to come in, play the game a bit and get acquainted with the world, other players, and get their feet wet a bit with some roleplay to help us gauge who we feel is right for the positions.

But even if a government or clan position isn't your thing, there are always other places to make your mark in the world. The roleplay of the game is rather fresh at the moment, and this is the perfect time to come be a part of an influence a game that is in an early stage of in-character world building. And as mentioned, we are trying to build up our playerbase, as well, which is running a little thin at the moment.

Additionally, it is my dream to have a small team of "Quest Immortals" whose primary duties on the game include helping to run, coordinate, and create the story/quest events that will often serve to supplement player-based Roleplay, and helping to create new and/or update existing area based quests as well. Like with the leadership positions, we are very unlikely to accept a Quest Immortal application right out, preferring someone be familiar with the game and have at least an area or two under their belt, giving us a chance to evaluate whether their building style and general demeanor are what we are hoping for in a Quest Immortal. Quest Immortals, in particular, will be working closely with other members of the staff and dealing with players far more than other builder types, so personalities meshing well in this regard is particularly important with that rank.

I'll be happy to address any questions or concerns either in-game or here. I LOVE talking about our world :p

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08 Sep, 2014, Hades_Kane wrote in the 2nd comment:
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We've managed to fill the position for the leadership of the Returners, but we are still seeking leadership positions in many other clans.

Other recent changes include:
-The addition/opening of two new high level areas: Mt. Gagazet and Icicle Inn. The level ranges of these areas actually exceed the current level cap, but are also among the final areas needed that we are finishing up to raise the level cap by 15.

-Hand to Hand has been increased to fall more in line with weapons of comparable level. It's always been intended for bare handed fighters to be as valid of an option as any other, and this is closer toward that goal.

-All weapon skills are now available after creation. Before, based on class, you got to select X weapon skills at creation for free, forever locked out from altering these choices. Now, for additional AP of course, you can learn up to ALL of them if you wish.

-Some balance has been tweaked with hit rate, accuracy, and evade, making investment in those stats much more worthwhile.

-Several other OLC/Program additions have been added as well.