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Hello, a new project called Elvana [NOTE: The title was a mislabel, sorry about that, the project IS called Elvana, not Motherholme] has recently begun and we are always looking for people who want to join the project so let me briefly outline the concept for you.

The world of Elvana is a speculative futuristic world where three races exist. The Elvani, Orci and Hu'Mas. Tolkien with a twist I suppose. It's a hard science concept though, with the Elvani having evolved and established a civilization in their ancestral grounds. A massive community on the continent that would one day become the mega city 'Motherholme'. The Elvani in what we would consider the technological period of the 1700's began exploring the rest of Elvana where they found the Orci whose society resembled that of our ancient Aztec culture. Having never encountered another sentient species before the Elvani discovered themselves to be highly xenophobic and soon returned with an armada which they used to enslave the Orci and deported them back to Motherholme. In this period of history one of the 7 Elvani dynasties rose to dominance and gave birth to an emperor who subjugated the other 6 dynasties and decreed the Orci slaves of the Empire. This reign lasted for over 600 years until an Orci called Char'Gunda escaped slavery and rallied an army that eventually overthrew the Emperor and his dynasty, setting the Elvani themselves free as well as his fellow Orci. His Elvani wife gave birth to the first Hu'Mas, a half-breed. 200 years later the game takes place in a world of futuristic technology where things like flying cars are common place (think Fifth Element to have a better picture). In this world the body is highly revered and controversial biological discoveries and genetic experiments are changing everything as this new field fast gains popularity. Religion and technology and highly dynamic social structures make this an exciting role-playing opportunity.

We have a strong team foundation with our coders currently designing an original java code base built on socket mud. The list of features planned seems endless so let me share some of my favorites.

  • Mounts - exclusive zones for players with vehicles that speed up the their journey's around the city.

  • Robots - Players will be able to construct/purchase NPC Robots that will have skill sets unavailable to players.

  • Player run economy - Players will be able to run the game's economy, with an economy editor.

  • Grow plants - You'll be able to grow crops and flowers in greenhouses as a business or perhaps as a hobby.

  • Huge skill sets - Hundreds of skills to learn that directly affect the player.

  • In-depth Clans - Pivotal to the whole game is our incredibly detailed Dynasty system where players get dynasty only quests and missions as well a political system that gives players powers in the game.

  • Epic Storylines - Huge storylines that will bring players together for global and dynasty only events. This even extends to our beta stage which will have players participating in an adventure that will echo into the final game, where our beta players will forever be remembered as heroes.

    We are looking for team members who want to be involved in the creative input of a project, and not mindlessly work away on a project that will be otherwise unrewarding to any other person. There’s a variety of work available, our established coding team takes applicants who can code in Java. We also have a design team that works on the implementation of the game's features, as well as formulating them. We are also organizing a building team and looking for a head builder to join the three founders of the project and head that building team which will be using TCL, a fairly easy to learn scripting language thanks to how it will be integrated with an in-mud editor. Finally we are also looking for a website administrator to develop and maintain our site and wiki which will be integral to the project as players will be able to access their accounts from the site and participate in competitions to win in game items and enter fan fiction contests.

    My email address is dygash -AT- gmail.com feel free to email me if your interested in joining or alternatively visit the MUD at elvana.co.uk port 4000, there is usually one of the team on at one time or another, if not more, its a great team and we are hopeful that those who apply we only add to the great bond between us all.

    Kind Regards

    Luke Hill/Dygash


    On entering the MUD, for the next few weeks we will be on a circlemud codebase whilst our original java codebase is in development
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