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A strong, dynamic economy is a great asset to a virtual world. The sharing of resources forms a large part of what makes a virtual world interactive. Trading creates bonds between players and builds a stronger community.

Kashgari is platform designed to interface with other virtual worlds to improve the economic experience of all parties involved. Developers of virtual worlds can allow players to transfer items and money between their game and Kashgari.

Once items are transferred to the Kashgari platform, players can engage in a variety of activities related to trade and speculation. Buying and selling, borrowing and lending, investing, arbitrage, auctions, are all possibilities, to say nothing of the additional possibilities different games bring to the environment. Kashgari is both a service for games and a game in itself.


This is only a small list of the possible benefits that networking with Kashgari can provide.

Cross-promote your game with every other game in our network.

You can't beat free promotion. When you join with Kashgari, you are connecting to an entirely new community. You're exposing your game both to players within your target market and possibly to some who might otherwise have never given it second thought.
Rewards for your players with long term potential.

How many times have you heard your older players complain that there's nothing left to do? Sooner or later, they'll have collected enough wealth to last a lifetime and done everything there is to do with it in your game.

As long as your game provides items they can sell on Kashgari, they'll soon find that enough is never enough. They now have not only one virtual world in which to spend their wealth, but many. If a new game is coming out, or if an existing game looks like it might decide to connect, they'll want to stock up to prepare. As long as you keep generating the wealth, the players who enjoy your game will keep coming back to play for it.
A larger market means a more stable economy for your game.

By connecting to Kashgari, you invite players from all across the system to participate in the buying and selling of your virtual world's products. This means more buyers to bid up under-priced goods. More sellers to bid down over-priced goods. More speculators saving goods when they're plentiful and selling them when they're needed. A bigger market brings more options, stability, and convenience for your players.

Never have to worry about balancing rewards again.

Our sophisticated NPC-buyer algorithm automatically assigns a value to items based on supply and demand. If attaining an item is difficult, the price will go up. If attaining an item is easy, the price will go down. As long as you give out a unique reward for each quest or mini-game, you can be assured that the reward will be fair and balanced to the difficulty of attaining it.

Put your players at ease about the risk of your site closing down.

Many players are reluctant to commit to a new online game because they worry that it might not be around for long. The very legitimate fear of wasting time and money keeps may keep a promising new game from ever getting off the ground.

With Kashgari, you can tell your players to worry no more. Even if the worst happens and your game shuts down, they don't have to leave empty-handed. As long as their in-game achievements can be used to acquire goods sell-able to the NPC-buyer, they rest easy knowing that at least they'll have something to show for the time they spend on your game, no matter what happens to your game.
Cross-site trading in a secure environment.

Cross-site trading has a bad reputation among some developers, and with good reason. Under ordinary circumstances, players have no way of enforcing the deals they make. They deal based on nothing but trust, which fails them all too often. It's an environment where fraud thrives and players are defenseless against it.

Nevertheless, it is something that players enjoy doing, and with the Kashgari platform, these worries are a thing of the past. We offer trustless trading tools that give players the means to protect themselves from fraud. Cross-site trading has never been easier or safer.

If your company runs more than one game, or if you have friendly relations with another company, you might even consider working cross-site trade into your design. You can give goods from other games some purpose in your own system, to ensure trade relations between the worlds. Imagine walking down the street of a MMOC wearing a coat made from the hide of a dragon that a dozen high-level characters of that fantasy RPG died to slay. Imagine spoiling your virtual pets with a meal made by the best players of that cooking game, using only the finest ingredients the players of that farming sim could produce. The possibilities are endless.

Allow your players to engage in advanced economic gameplay without spending any development resources.

Kashgari contains numerous mechanisms for trade, arbitrage, and speculation. When you connect, your players gain access not only to the investment opportunities of Kashgari, but to those of all games connected to Kashgari.

Although we wouldn't necessarily recommend it, the Kashgari platform could in theory replace every aspect of your economic system. Users can buy, sell, trade, borrow, lend, and give gifts using only the tools provided by the Kashgari platform. It would be enough to turn a single player game into an mmo.

We have plans to develop even more sophisticated tools and gameplay elements to ensure a fun and healthy market.
Is it safe to connect my game to a third party?

Absolutely. Your game will connect to our system through our website, with ordinary https requests. We receive only the information your system sends us, and the data we send back is harmless text. You retain 100% control over what your system sends us, and 100% control over what it does with the information we send back. I'm confident that your programmers will agree that the necessary https requests can be incorporated into your system without compromising your security in any way.

If players can bring in wealth from other games, won't it unbalance my game?

You are in control. You can place any limits you want on the connection between your games and Kashgari. You decide what can be transferred, who can transfer it, when they can make a transfer, and how much they can transfer. You might allow only a small group of items to be traded on Kashgari. You might allow players to transfer a certain item to Kashgari, but not back, or vice versa. We can advise you on numerous ways to implement the connection in a balanced, controlled way. Kashgari trade can be as large or as small a part of your game as you choose. Kashgari is prepared to accommodate the needs of your design, whatever they may be.

Contact us about integrating your game with the Kashgari platform today! It's easy and free. You and your players will wonder how you ever got along without it!
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Am I missing something or is there not a single link to your website in this post? This looks like a pretty niche offering, a "Contact us" is probably going to yield a lot less interest than actually linking to the project.
12 Aug, 2014, Impacatus wrote in the 3rd comment:
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It's not quite ready yet (the server-side is basically finished, but the website is still under construction). I figured I'd start advertising early, since it would take time to integrate anyway. I also wanted to get some feedback on the concept, and hear what questions or concerns people may have.