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Alter Aeon is a well established MUD with a long history. Set in a world of swords and magic, we regularly update with new game content, features, and system-wide events. The game is blind friendly for the visually impaired.

New and updated articles:

- Updated article - Introduction to Healing in Groups. This article describes what being a healer in a group means, how to improve your skills as a healer, and things to look for to help you keep your group alive.

- New article - Cleric Class Overview. This is an overview of the skills and spells available to clerics and some of their roles within the game.

- New article - How to Use Channels on Alter Aeon. This article presents an overview of basic channel commands, including how to create and manage your own channels.

Articles can be found on our articles pages, at: http://alteraeon.com/articles

New and updated areas:

- A new total level 120 group area containing obsidian trolls can be found north of Haun's Mill, in the southeastern section of the mainland.

- A new level 17 area, the ruins of a destroyed drow city, has been discovered on the Island of Archais by the centaurs of Fort Magnesia.

- Castle Dragnok, east of Ralnoth on the mainland, has been reworked and updated. It is now a level 31 area.

- A new level 30 area, the abandoned stronghold of Clan Unforgiven, has been opened in the forest west of Ralnoth.

- The burned out forest, a total level 114 area, has been opened west of Natchsburg.

- The Drow mines around and under Old Thalos have been upgraded and extended. This area is now level 30.

- The Clearwater Beach, and the nearby Ancestral Island, have been added to the Island of Kordan north of the city of Naphtali. These level 19 areas contain a number of quests and should help bridge the transition to the Island of Archais.

There have also been a number of quest improvements, additions and links added on Archais. If you haven't done the quests there recently, you may want to check back at Gad's Landing and the surrounding areas. As always, use the 'area new' command in-game for a list of recent zones.

We hope to see you there!

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