30 Jul, 2014, Threshold wrote in the 1st comment:
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Stash is a multiplayer online RPG with turn based combat and epic amounts of loot. Be part of the story and own a piece of the world.

We are bringing the old school feel of MUDs and tabletop gaming to a graphical online RPG.

Our kickstarter launched today and we'd greatly appreciate your support as well as your help spreading the word. This is the most ambitious project we've ever taken on at Frogdice. We have been building towards this game for the last 3 years by growing our team and expanding our fan base.


Core features include:

    * Turn based, tactical grid combat.
    * Stash your treasures in your personal Base of Operations, which you can build, upgrade, and decorate from bedroll to fortress.
    * Craft items to use, sell, or enter into competitions.
    * Massive character customization via class, race, build, gear, cosmetics, costumes, pets, mounts, and more.
    * Cool world story with a unique twist. Players affect the world and the story.
    * Both hand crafted and procedurally generated/random dungeons.
    * Huge world with hundreds of unique locations, tons of monsters, and epic amounts of loot.
    * Clans: form with friends and compete for dominance as well as optional solo or group PvP.

Early Bird Backers (the first 250) get a free copy of either ReignMaker or Dungeon of Elements (Steam key or DRM free copy).

We would greatly appreciate your pledge of support. Any help spreading the word would also be a huge help.


Thank you!
01 Aug, 2014, Kelvin wrote in the 2nd comment:
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This is cool, but what makes this MUDdy? It looks more like a graphical RPG than a MUD.
02 Aug, 2014, roguewombat wrote in the 3rd comment:
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I read on Rock, Paper, Shotgun (and confirmed through the FrogDice site) that these are the same guys behind the MUD http://www.thresholdrpg.com and apparently have incorporated plenty of MUDdish concepts into the game. No confirmation here, but I'm curious to try out Threshold now. :)