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Start here and browse my equipment:
Hover the mouse over the eq to get a good idea of the equipment stats and what zones they can be gotten from. I think that is a good start for anyone in the Necromium world.

Come play Necromium, we need more people to run equipment with. The more people the more equipment runs we can go on and the better equipment the players can have to conquer the inferior opposition. PKer's welcome and not limited to non pkers. All zones aren't pk so everyone can have fun. Most of the good eq runs require a level 165 character but it isn't that hard to get there and the lowbie gear equipment runs can be promising as well. You can own phomes and there is equipment storage so you can collect awesome equipment and trade or sell gear. The more players the better. If you want help in the game send me a tell or a mud mail. Don't let the other players discourage you I will definitely be there to aid you in your quest. Lastly stick with it, serious players are most welcome there by me. someone to run equipment with and to pk *cough* I mean to help in the pk battles.

o==[]===> Shilin
o==[]=====> necromium.com port 4000

Don't forget to send me a mud mail i'll definitely get you started with equipment.

P = Post Office