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Rising.Kingdoms.dk Port 1234

The Rising Kingdoms code is being converted from C into Python. We started with around 165k lines of C and we're now down to 113k lines of C, so we're making progress. Aside from the code changes, we have some new areas:

- Haluwah Island for levels 110-120, built by Piriani. There are some nice quests in this area. You can even go bowling with bull heads and get rewards based on your bowling score!
- The Askodian Academy for levels 50-65, built by Naud. There is a very challenging quest in this area.
- A new section of the Illyrian Forest has been added, built by Kextra. It includes a quest (look for lumberjacks).
- Ivory Temple for levels 35-60, built by Kextra. There are several quests in this area for those who have an eye for detail.
- Several new area quests have been added to other zones.
- We have a few new staff members, one of whom will be running regular events with some nice rewards, so come by and join in the fun!