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Rising.Kingdoms.dk Port 1234

There were several fun features added to Rising Kingdoms in June. Check them out below!

- Psionicist spell 'Mindfire' now auto activates when casting torment, causing bleeding damage on the victim.
- Your TNL can now be displayed as a meter in your prompt with the %A option.
- Typing 'explored' will now tell you how many rooms you have explored in the area you are in, which is a nice way to know if you've discovered all rooms in the zone.
- There is a new mostly evil-aligned level 110-140 area available - 'Accursed Ruins'. Lots of quests, hidden secrets, and equipment in this area.
- All familiars, store-bought or summoned, will now save with you when you quit.
- You can now equip your familiars and the items will save through quitting and copyovers. You can even give them a bag with items in it. If a familiar dies, all equipment will be returned to its master.
- New skill: rub eyes. It clears dirt/fire breath blindness while not in combat.
- The 'Auto Rescue' toggle is now called 'Auto Tank'. The premise is this: classes which cannot tank for themselves either via high hitpoints, quaffing potions, or casting healing spells, will have a higher chance for their familiars to be hit in combat instead of being hit themselves.
- Intelligence now plays a role in the chance for a skill/spell to improve when used.
- Players can now help other players improve their skill/spell proficiencies with the teach/learn commands. Teach is a skill. The higher the proficiency, the higher you can teach someone a skill/spell. It's now possible to practice a skill/spell up to 50% at a monster and up to 80% at a player. You can try to improve it through use at 50% but it's a slow process.
- Due to the above change and the fact that you can only practice spells/skills up to 50% with a guildmaster, attack spells will no longer 'lose concentration'. They will cast at the % learned. In other words, you will do 50% of the spell's full damage potential if you have the spell practiced to 50%. This also applies to skills. A skill will do 50% of its full damage potential if it is practiced only to 50%.
- When blinded, if you have a potion held in your hand you can now quaff it even if it doesn't have a humming flag.
- Strength now *noticeably* affects how much weight you can carry.
- In the past there had been an expressed interest in a way to 'reboot' one's character without deleting. You can now do this with the restart syntax (restart <class> <password>). Your character starts over with whichever class you wish, and your settings are reset to the settings you'd have when creating the character (hitpoints, mana, trains, practices, stats, level). However, the nice thing is that you will not lose anything in the process (qps, equipment, gold, hours played, etc).
- Hitpoints and mana are also no longer based on your first class only. The hitpoint gains of both classes are added together and averaged.
- Expansion to 'explored' command: 'explored list'. Displays a list of all zones and your explored statistics.
- New Thief AoE skill: Fan of Blades.
- PC races now have different melee damage types other than hit and punch. For example, a feline can claw, scratch, and bite. 'race info' now lists a PC race's melee damage types.
- When you remort, the main skill/spell proficiencies for your class will be set to 50% or 90% (50% for weapon skills and 90% for starting attacks).
- New weretiger skill: Bludgeon.
- War tournaments are in!
- You can now learn from teachers who have 'auto teach' toggled on without the teacher offering to teach you.
- The 'sharpen' skill used to give a temporary sharp flag and temporary damroll. These effects are now permanent.
- Bless effect on objects is now permanent.
- When Master Runes were more available, there were players who could get disconnected from loring objects which had dozens of runes due to spam. The lore command has been revamped so the output will stack rune effects. ie if you have a bunch of +4 str runes, they'll show up as Strength +12 instead of being listed as individual effects. If you extract the runes, they will still come out individually and not as one big rune.
- Added a flag for objects called 'save_copyover' - these objects can save on the ground thru crash and copyover. We intend to use this flag for Immortal-run scatter quests.
- New command: record. It will display player killing records. It can
display recent kills/deaths, clan pk information, and pk information about specific players. It can even display anyone who was involved in a fight (assisters).
- Donation pits are fixed, and so you can now donate objects again. Items donated will appear in the pit west and south from recall. Donation pits and their contents save through reboot.
- You can now lore items inside bags. Syntax: lore <object> <container>. The container can be anywhere - in the room, in your inventory, worn.
- New item type: pit. These are similar to donation pits but are used as storage for player houses.
- You can now 'sell *all* <container>' to sell all items inside a container.
- New auto configuration: Auto explored. When turned on, it will display the number of rooms explored out of the total rooms in the area next to the room name.
- Next Expedition and Next Global Quest timers now decrease when you are offline.
- In addition to runes, we now have sigils. Sigils are special magical
markings which contain stats, resistances, spell duration mods, among other things. You can obtain sigils by killing monsters. The chance to obtain one is based on your level and luck. Legendary players have a significantly higher chance to discover a sigil in comparison to a hero's chance.
- New Illusionist spell: Cloak of Illusions. This spell blocks players from peeking your inventory and anyone who looks at you will not be able to see your equipment.
- Channel histories (for imm and player-made channels) can now display up to 100 lines. Typing <channel> -h will display the last 20 lines. Typing <channel> -h <1-100> will display up to 100 lines. The histories of these channels are no longer saved in player data and thus you can now log in and see what was being discussed while you were offline (up to 100 lines).
- New command: faux. With this you can purchase extra rune slots on your equipment.
- After the no quest timer event, the top 3 players with the most qps earned will be rewarded with a master rune.
- If you delete a character, all notes addressed to your character will
become addressed to "yourname_deleted" ie Maya_deleted, so that in the case that someone creates a new character with your name, he/she won't be able to read your notes. The notes sent to you will not be deleted so that the sender can still access them.
- The process of revamping clans has begun. The current clans have been removed. We are working on a completely new system. We will no longer have clans but 'houses'. Each house will have a specific purpose and the houses will compete for rankings. More details on that when more work has gone into it!
- New Gaian spell: Tunnel. Similar to flee, but it allows the Gaian to create complex pathways underground, and end up somewhere else. ie with 'cast tunnel 3e6n2w' the Gaian tunnels three rooms to the east, six north, and two west, before climbing out of the earth.
- We've welcomed 3 new Immortals (builders and event runners) to our staff.

Come check us out. We love new players. :)