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We are looking to expand our staff on Rising Kingdoms. Specifically we are looking for people who have time to host weekly or monthly events, and builders who enjoy creating content under the large umbrella theme of Medieval Fantasy. We are not a roleplaying MUD, but there is absolutely room for introducing new content with a storyline or a quest. If you have experience building on a Diku-based MUD, you should have no problem with our OLC. The syntaxes are for the most part the same, but you can do so much more, especially on the side of progging. If you are not familiar with Diku OLC, we have a building website with tutorials and information covering 99% of what you can do with our online creation tools.

As an Imm, you'll be supported as much as possible in terms of having new building tools or tools for hosting events created. Our current builders can testify to this requests for building support are always taken seriously and implemented in a timely fashion. Our building tools are (step by step) becoming more friendly for builders who use screen readers. As an example, room flags are listed in alphabetical order and are also numbered. If you use a screen reader and have any requests for how our OLC can be tweaked, we'd be happy to honor them.

As for Quest Imms, we have 12 event options waiting to be used as scheduled events. You can choose one of our events or you can create your own. If you like scatter quests, you will be happy to know that items scattered on the mud are saved on the ground in case of crash and also through copyovers/reboots, so you'll never have to re-scatter items.

The player base fluctuates, but in general, it is growing. There are almost always a few players online, many of whom have played since around the time we opened the MUD to the public (in 2013). It is a relatively young game, but there is a ton of work already put into it. Just log on and take a look around to see for yourself.

We're flexible and know that you can't be on the game all the time. Kextra builds regularly, but only on the weekends, for example. If you have very little time, perhaps a monthly event would suit your schedule. If you are interested in either the Questor or Builder position (or both!), please speak with Maya in game or post her a note if she isn't around. We'd love to hear from you.