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Rising.Kingdoms.dk Port 1234

Rising Kingdoms saw some changes in the month of May, and they are:

- New level 10-20 area and a new quest available in this zone.
- Mob hp and damage has been decreased at higher levels to make killing more comfortable and not so longwinded.
- Added shoulder slot and various shoulder guard pieces.
- Can now send tells to players who are invisible, even if you are blind.
- Old puzzle area 'Cursed Temple of Orotu' has been fixed up so the progs are working properly now.
- Recipe ingredients for potion brewing are now all hidden in the game.
- Potion brewing will now create at least 3 extra potions, and with high luck, it will create more.
- You can now permanently record recipes when you successfully brew a new spell.
- New Dwarf evo: Duergar.
- New Archer attack 'rapid fire' to help archers stay alive in close-ranged combat.
- It's now slightly more painful for Vampires to walk in the sunlight.
- Pet hitpoints have been increased by 20%.
- Various bug fixes.
- Thieves can now throw potions at their targets and transfer the effects of the potion to the target.
- You can now bind runes with arrows and throwing stars.
- New thief skill: claw drag.
- When a target is below 50% hitpoints, Thief throwing skill now does +10% damage.
- Dual backstab is now possible with a claw and throwing stars.
- New damage over time spells for Psionicist and Potion-Throwing Thieves.
- Throw now hits 2x and avenge hits 3x.
- Shoot will now do 10% more damage when the target's hitpoints are below 30%.
- Exp per faux level updated, see xp helpfile. There are no longer any exp caps for 150+.
- Thieves can now throw potions into rooms, shattering the vial and transferring the contents' effects to the room.
- Ease of use change for the many 'race' commands - race change, racelist, race stat, etc - are now in one command.
- Several new Cleric utility spells including spells which affect the rooms and areas the Cleric is in, and several new attack spells.
- A rudimentary website (rising.kingdoms.dk/) which, as time permits, will be updated to allow helpfile browsing, leaderboard browsing, who list viewing, among other things.

We'd love to have new players on the MUD!