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Alter Aeon is a well established MUD with a long history. Set in a world of swords and sorcery, we regularly update with new game content, features, and system-wide events. The game is blind friendly for the visually impaired.

We're not your average empty/dead MUD - we've been growing for years, and our player load ranges from 50 to 100, with peaks well above 100 for special events. We're constantly making improvements and updates, and the last two months have been no exception! Here are some of our recent changes.

There are three new areas:

- The Aztec Palace and Temple at level 33, by Draak and Shadowfax
- The Island of HakaHaka at level 33, by Kagome
- Eisenmere, the Iron Sea at total level 134+, by Draak and Shadowfax

There are three updated areas:

- The Labyrinth, which and instanced and suitable for levels 34-37
- Headhunter Island, which has been raised to level 35
- Thalenwood Forest and the elven City of Trinsic, are now level 31

Major code and client updates:

- There have been a number of new Mush-Z updates, including new sounds, better handling of recast, better shortid, and mushreader improvements.

- Add well made/finely made/mastercraft indicators to items. Well made items can be much more heavily enchanted and strongly reforged.

- A number of improvements and updates to the new Druid class, including stronger water weirds, better carving, spell and skill experience, and new sounds.

- A lot of updates to bone dragons, making it much easier to navigate and find landing spots.

- Experience and area changes to make it easier for players to find appropriate high level areas.

- Work continues on the account system for Stellar Aeon, and we may also be helping with the release of a new audiogame called Interceptor!

We've also made a number of awesome 'ease of use' changes:

- Allow 3 letter abbreviations for most door names.
- Add 'set infrashort' to toggle infravision short/long description modes.
- Make thief 'cloak of darkness' a simple status effect so it's more useful.
- Add support for 'get all' and 'put all' of a specific object type.
- Add account based player ignore and block commands.
- Improvement to boat shoreline display and boat landing site locations.

Lastly, we have an upcoming event for solstice in June. New players are always welcome. We'd love to see you there!

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