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As the post topic reads, Sanctuary of the Forsaken, a Rom 2.4 based MUD is looking for builders of all skill levels to help improve and grow our unique world! The game is set in a general fantasy theme, and we have a storyline behind the game to help direct builders and the whole MUD world in general.

RP and PK will both be optional, neither enforced. But focus on making sure a Non RP/PK person isn't having less fun than those who are.

We have a world map setup for our game, which will have Random encounters based on level and current sector type. These will be PRETTY generic mobs, but it saves builders from having to do THOUSANDS of resets.

We have a small, but FANTASTIC staff. One hell of a head builder, and a very, VERY talented programmer, constantly knocking things out. Progress is constant, sometimes slow, but constant.

A ton of features have been added to enhance the game, and the building process. Multiple questing systems, one of which working alot like RPG maker's switch systems. This allows for multiple quests per area, quest chains, etc.

We also include delayed spell casting, and a re-written spell damage code to incorporate chakra (Much like spell power in WoW). More races and classes have been added, and skills are constantly going in.

Really, I can't put the massive list of things we've added to this MUD. I'm very proud of it, and my staff, and we would LOVE to see some new faces in here to help expand our world! Ill try to list some…

- Todo System for project management
- Questing System
- Extended Clans
- Custom Player Homes
- Custom Arena Code
- Working on OLC overhaul to be more effecient
- Detailed guidelines for builders to follow for all items to scale accordingly.
- Ascii Automap for World map
- Extended Exits
- Re-done creation, constantly improving
- And Much, MUCH MUCH more.

Please, stop by sometime and talk to anyone online!

Myself, I have been wrapped up IRL with work and injuries currently, so my attendance is lacking right now. However, my #1 and #2 guys, Caelreth and Naud should be online frequently.

MUD ADDRESS: forsakenmud.com port 111
WWW: http://www.forsakenmud.com 1111