09 Mar, 2014, Whitenoise wrote in the 1st comment:
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In the smaug liscence I am required to notify them that I am using thier codebase… do I need to do this in development stages or upon release? I would feel bad notifying them long before only to have the project take another 8 months before it is released
30 Sep, 2014, Nathan wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I see no reason why you wouldn't now, if you intend to continue doing so. In my opinion, if you are not allowing public/non-dev access during development you may as well not bother until you are ready to let players connect.

– You are requested to notify us that you are operating a SMAUG mud,
to include the address of the mud, and whether or not you want us
to put a link to your mud on our SMAUG mudlist webpage.

Frankly, I find that statement from the SMAUG license confusing. The use of the word 'request' implies a non-mandatory desire on the developer's part to know what SMAUG muds are in operation and be able to point people to them. On the other hand, in other statements in the same section they use 'must' and 'must not' which are generally used to make imperative statements about what you can or can't do…