16 Jan, 2014, Splork wrote in the 1st comment:
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Sloth was first booted in January of 1992, making us twenty-two years old! There have been many changes since that time, both with our game and our website.

This month we are proud to release our newest website!

We are also have several new skins for our flash client.

Lastly, we have a couple of new Mudlet Plugins.

Live player data has always been one of the best features of our previous websites with such things as real time who lists, dynamic world map, deadliest creatures boards,and game blog ( and much, much more ). This newest version takes us even further into this realm by allowing players to log into the website with their character names and see things such as their in-game auctions, finished quests, player's stats, etc. They can also create custom menus which allow them to quickly access their favorite parts of the site.

We are a quiet MUD and mostly stick to ourselves but please feel free to stop by to try us out or simply say hello!