11 Jan, 2014, Atolmasoff wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello all,

A few years ago, I started work on a Rom 2.4 MUD. I was very pleased with the directions it was headed, and I thought it had a lot of potential. I've recently re-launched and I'm looking for an immortal staff to help me run this MUD.

It's named Sanctuary of the Forsaken, and I'm making a tribute to a MUD I used to play, that had long died. I'm obviously going to make it my own, but I want it to feel like this MUD did. I plan on making plenty of time for it, but the problem I encountered last time was staff with decent skills, but nobody I could trust with getting builders in, trained, and building. I need someone who can handle running things when I am not on.

Some of the things I've added, but are not limited to:

- Menu based creation.
- Clan Rankings w/ specific permissions based on ranks. Improved clan chat and added a clan roster command.
- Custom Arena Code. Not 100% functional, but only requires minor tweaks for completion.
- An Automated Auction house.
- PC Corpses save through boots/crash etc.
- Extended Exits. (NE, NW, SE, SW)
- Item Classes for most armor slots. (Cloth/Leather/Mail/Plate)
- Player Owned House code I am working on. It is also mostly operational, but may still have bugs.

That is the list of things I've added to it since it's start. That is not to mention the many featured I have included in my QuickMUD Advanced code. (Room/Object Programs, Improved Channels, etc.)

So back to my point… I'm looking for a compident player, who has alot of experience with Rom/Rot based MUDs. I need them to be able to build, check builder's areas, and help me bring in talent, and take out trash. I'm confident with some TLC and the right admin/builders, this MUD will have solid foundation to build a good community off of.

The theme is just general fantasy. I'm not too particular about what gets put in, but as long as it fits, and the players enjoy it. I'm planning on keeping the stock Rom 2.4 areas, with large changes to some. However, I do want them all re-done. They need to be updated to fit with our time, adjusted to fit the evolving scheme for combat, and all of the armor in the game will need to be modified to fit with the new item class system.

So there is plenty of work to be done and alot of it is tedious, but personally, fun. I hope this can peak some of your interests, and motivate you to drop on in.

Andrew Tolmasoff

Sanctuary of the Forsaken:
MUD: forsaken.mudhosting.net 1111

E-Mail: atolmasoff87@gmail.com
24 Jan, 2014, Atolmasoff wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Just wanted to post an update for everyone.

The MUD is still going strong. We have a decent little staff getting underway, but are still looking for more! We are also looking for some player testers at this point as well.

For the testers, not a ton will be required this second. We're working on designing low level areas and gear for players to work their way through. But to avoid having my staff stop and start to test player features, having a few folks who wouldn't mind a fun group of people to chat with, while at the same time helping us test some things out.

We're also looking for more builders. I have acquired another coder, and one of his students as well (as a builder). We also have several other immortals participating in Building, and re-modeling of the MUD. What I need from new builders is one of two choices:

1. Re-vamp a stock Rom 2.4 area, adding mobs/gear fitting guidelines, and of multiple armor types.
2. Working on a new area from scratch.

Either works just fine for me, and we are not in a massive rush. You will not be under silly deadlines, or under an over watching eye. We'll check your area when you're done, and you don't have to be online 20+ hours and working 2/3 of it. This is a hobby and a game, I don't expect you to treat it as anything otherwise.

My programmer and I are working on a list of things to finish up code wise, and will begin on a list of new things to get working on.

We've also started a wordpress we invite everyone to participate in to help suggest new ideas for the MUD, or communicate with us when we're not online. (Some of us work 40+, so we're not ALWAYS there)

I hope this post finds you well, and you didn't get too bored reading it! :) If you're interested in dropping by, the MUD information is posted above, and I'll re-post below!

MUD: forsaken.mudhosting.net 1111
08 Feb, 2014, Atolmasoff wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Greetings again everyone!

Wanted to post yet another update. Our staff continues to grow, and I'm still working with my other Coder, and we've made a couple notable developments.

One of those being a Quest System similar to that of WoW. It is however still a work in progress, but is done via MobProgram scripting.

They are extremely versatile, and will only get better from here out!

We are still in need of dedicated builders who can really knock out a couple areas. We still have old areas that need re-vemped and updated with geat.

This clan system also gives us the need for talented quest writers. Some of them will be simple Find and kill. But alot of them will be sub-storylines.Stories that will guide a player through your area. or give them a reason to explore the entire thing. These will take time, but will give players a SERIOUSLY fun side task. :)

I've registered a domain for the MUD, however we're still waiting for the setup to complete.

Please feel free to drop by anytime!

forsakenmud.mudhosting.com 1111

11 Feb, 2014, Atolmasoff wrote in the 4th comment:
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The domain has registered.

forsakenmud.com 1111

We have also installed dynamic descriptions for our builders. These will allow you to show specific lines in the description whether a door is opened or closed. Day or night/ sunny/cloudy etc.
19 Feb, 2014, duanuys wrote in the 5th comment:
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Hey Andrew,

I sent you a message via your email that you provided with your initial post, and i left an in-game note on your MUD to become a part of the imm family. Hope to hear from you soon.