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But why work for 4 Liberty over some place else?

Nice Wilderness code that is easily navigate with landmark command to prevent getting lost.
Ship sailing code - You can sail the ocean, have your ship attacked by pirates, or sea monsters and do enough damage to your ship that it sinks. You can travel to different ports and sell your goods you crafted.
Tradeskills - Jeweler, Baker, Blacksmith, Tanner, Inventor. They can be leveled up to level 20 Master Craftsman.
Merchant Class - can learn up to 3 tradeskills at the same time, and sell to player owned shops.
Custom Arena code with several different events and areas to have the events.
Custom City siege code so you can attack a city, or 3 cities can attack your city at the same time.
No magic, it is replaced with technology not modern technology, but medieval.
We have firearms, you can shoot pistols, rifles, etc, or go crazy with a two-handed sword.
We are old enough that we have almost everything done, but new enough that we are still open to ideas.

Check us out!
4liberty.us port 4100

Story Excerpt
Norringrad City has become a place of over regulation and heavy tax burden as the power elite there attempt to combat inflation by taking from the poor. Money and economy are the causes of most wars in history. There are conditions brewing for a war of epic proportions! – 4liberty!

We do ask that new staff show enough interest in the game, to gain some levels and figure out the game play before asking to apply.