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So, I've started with an SWRFuss 1.3 and made some hefty changes. I thought I would share a little of what I've done so far to drum up some Staff and Players as well as any critiques. I've created a newbie area with a series of quests and items and some boss battles. They should give a general indicator for how the game's combat system will play: it's pacing, it's questing, it's leveling style, skill creation, etc.

It will be Role-Play enforced mud, and the Role-Play systems while designed are not completed yet. I do feel, that I have enough code in place for builders to start building and for me to start moving through Alpha and Beta phases. After making that newbie area I realized, I am not a builder, I am a coder and there is a list of staff positions that I am seeking below. As a Builder or Head Builder, I should warn you that I do have a vision of what I want content to look like and it will be held to very high standards. That being said, I am not extremely strict with area design or creativity, just what features may be included a certain areas as well as which planets will be which level ranges. I will also be collaborating heavily on item stats. Without further delay…

Staff Positions
- Head Builder: Must have great knowledge of Star Wars and be well versed in the Smaug OLC and ready to adapt to the various upgrades I've made
- Other Builders x3: Must have some knowledge of Star Wars Muds and have at least worked with the Smaug OLC

Current Features
-players can make their own skills based on parameters received from disciplines they know.
-cool down system for skills
-oldschool "AC" converted to evasion
-added global AC stat
-fight system completely revamped with even more changes to come
-uncapped stats
-added stat agility(AGI)
-threat system
-new mp commands/if checks/triggers
-revamped grouping system
-new editor for buffers
-dynamic quest system
-dynamic loot/item generation system
-several changes to item stats
-mob AI system
-global thought scripting system

Things to Come
-new OLC for building that will be combined with the old
-further rewrite of combat system featuring opponent targeting and changing how fights are managed
-instancing for endgame
-totally revamped respawning system for dynamic respawns
-state saving(persistence)
-crafting system
-notepad system
-auction house system
-clan system
-roleplay system
-combo system

Please keep Thoughts, Comments, Critiques, Suggestions, Ideas, Pondering, and Wonderings to the Thread so I have a place to go and reference them later.

If you like what you play and want to participate in this project, I will take applications through PMs and Emails(primaldogwalking@wiltj.com). The positions listed above are the ones I am seeking but general applications are welcome as well. If you feel you bring a particular skill set other than building to the table, feel free to apply and tell me what that is.

The address is swpk.net::6500