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Time of Troubles is a Rom/Sunder/Rot mud with many additions. Theme is basic medieval with an AD&D Forgotten Realms influence and feel. We strive for class diversity while retaining balance. Our immortal staff is extremely dedicated, and we boast a near completely original world which is still growing daily. The players on Time of Troubles are extremely helpful and full of ideas, which us implementor/coders take into full consideration and most often find a way of working into the code in a balanced manner. We boast four full time extremely good coders, two of which are the owners of the mud. We will never have problems with coders not doing things here, and will be expanding as rapidly as players permit. Time of Troubles is a pk optional mud, with many things for nonpk players to do, while still retaining an intense pk environment. We look forward to seeing you at Time of Troubles.

A VERY brief overview of some of our features, I will not even attempt to list them all here:

(to see more, read "help changes" when you log onto the mud).

***34 selectable player races.

***9 selectable player classes: Warrior, Mage, Thief, Cleric, Ranger, Monk, Chaosmage, Elementalist, Archer. We also have 3 new classes currently in heavy development.

***An extremely user friendly built in map and configurable mini-move-map system for easy navigation.

***Classic Auto-Arena and Auto-Quest system with many new features and built in secrets.

***A nearly 100% original world. The areas that are not original have all been rearranged within our current world and rebuilt to a point in order to fit the current standards.

***Equipment damage and size issues. You must watch the condition of your equipment, and maintain relationships with the shopkeepers, should you need to have a piece of rare equipment you looted from a giant resized to your elven frame.

***Over 400 new skills and spells added, along with all the classics being rebalanced and reworked into the current class system.

***A player ran clan system, along with clan wars (no place is safe, even your clan hall!), full rank system, and even a clan tax rate automatically deducted.

***Full MXP, MSP, MCCP.

***Complete indepth roleplay based world full of intelligent mobs and areas that do more than just sit there and die.

***Numerous new functions and features too abundant to name. Encumberance, Chaotic spell effects, a D&D style feat system nearly complete, etc, etc, etc.. we will never stop advancing.

We strive for balance and diversity and do weekly code updates, the mud will continue to grow and will stay actively on the server as long as any interest remains throughout the years. Come join a fun place full of community and competition.

We hope to see you soon.

Connection: meer.myftp.org 3334
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I love double posts.
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Duplicate post in the general forum removed. Ideally, you should submit a mud listing, but if you want to post an advertisement, please don't cross post them to other forums.