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If you haven't played Alter Aeon before, take a few minutes to come check us out. We're a large custom-codebase mud with an original world and a huge number of areas to explore. The theme is medieval fantasy with magic.

Recent Server Updates:

- Add daily jobs, including achievements and a job leaderboard

- Improve warrior combo attack bonuses

- Remove stat requirements to level beyond 30

- Improvements to blind support, client triggers, and mush-z

- Add warning messages when entering high level areas

- Make deathcards and prayer for the dying more reliable

- Identify is no longer needed for items below level 30

- New achievements for newbie points and max stats

- Spell and skill improvements for PK

Area and Content Updates:

- Many areas have been releveled and updated to improve experience and make them more consistent. Exploration should also be safer.

- The global fame reworks are officially complete!

- The Alter Aeon Great Library has been added. Books, scrolls, and miscellaneous writings from many areas are included, with over 150 short texts in the archive. You can access books in the library from anywhere on the game using the 'books' command, or view them online at:


- The Fathomless Bathysphere has been reopened! This is an extremely high level area that was first introduced in the 2013 solstice event.

- A new character creation point has been added for Necromancers.

If you'd like to sign up for our mailing list, just send send an email to: alteraeon+subscribe@googlegroups.com

We hope to see you on Alter Aeon!

Alter Aeon MUD